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2017 “Top 5 International Best Destination Spa”
2016 “Top 5 International Best Destination Spa”
2015 “Top 10 Best Destination Spa”
2014 “World’s Best Destination Spa”
2013 “World’s Best Destination Spa”
2011 “World’s Best Destination Spa”
2010 “World’s Best Destination Spa”
2009 “Top 10 Destination Spas”
2007 “Top 10 World’s Best Spas”
2006 “Top 15 World’s Best Value Spas”
2005 “Top 10 Destination Spas”
2003 “Top 10 Destination Spas”


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2017 #3 Spa Destination Icon SHAPE Healthy Travel Awards


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2016 “Top 10 Organic Spa” Award
2015 “Top 10 Organic Spa” Award
2014 “Top 10 Organic Spa” Award
2012 “Top 10 Organic Spa” Award


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2017 “Top 8 Best Spa in The World”
2016  #4 of the Top 25 Resorts in Mexico (Pacific Coast) category  
2015  #2 of the Top 20 Resorts in Mexico (Pacific Coast) category
2014 #1 Best Destination Spa
2013  Gold List/The Americas #1 RATED RESORT IN MEXICO
2010 “World Savers Awards” honorable mention
2007 “Best Destination Spas”
2005 “Best Destination Spas”
2004 Ecotourism Award


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2017 Certificate of Excellence
2016 Certificate of Excellence
2015 Certificate of Excellence
2014 Certificate of Excellence
2013 Certificate of Excellence
2012 Certificate of Excellence



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Crystal Award Winner: Best in North America, Best in Mexico, Best Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Property, Best for Fitness, Best for Girlfriend Getaway, Best for Going Solo, Best for Men, Best for Mind and Spirit, Best Weight Loss Program, Best for Outdoor Adventure & Activities, Best for Nutrition & Healthy Cuisine

Crystal Award Winner: Best for Men, Best for Affordability/Budget, Best Eco-Friendly and Sustainable, Best in Mexico, Best for Weight Loss, Best for Girlfriend Getaway

Crystal Award Winner: Favorite Spa in North America; Favorite Spa in Mexico. Other category recognitions: Best Eco-Spa, Best for Accommodations, Best for Girlfriend, Getaways and Bachelorettes, Best for Going Solo, Best for Healthy Spa Cuisine, Best for Men, Best for Outdoor Adventure, Best for Weight Loss, Best Interior Design, Favorite Spa for Fitness and Favorite Spa for Yoga.

Country Award Winner: Favorite Spa in Mexico. Recognized in these categories: Best for Fitness Program, Best for Yoga, Best for Health Spa Cuisine, Best for Going Solo and Best Eco-Spa.

Country Award Winner: Favorite Spa in Mexico. Recognized in these categories: Best for Fitness Program, Best for Environmental Practices, Best for Yoga, Best for Cuisine and Best for Mind-Body-Spirit.

Country Award Winner: Favorite Spa in Mexico. Other category recognitions: Best for
cooking classes, Best for Cuisine, Best for Environmental Practices, Best for Fitness
Program, Best for Going Solo, Best for Hiking, Best for Mind-Body-Spirit and Best for Yoga.

Country Award Winner: Favorite Spa in Mexico. Other category recognitions: Best for
Fitness Program, Best for Hiking, Best for Yoga, Best for Going Solo, Best for Cooking
Classes, Best for Cuisine, Best for Mind-Body-Spirit, Best for Weight Loss and Best for
Environmental Practices.

Crystal Award Winner: Favorite Spa in North America; Favorite Spa in Mexico
Other category recognitions: Best for Fitness Program, Best for Hiking, Best for Yoga,
Best for Weight Loss, Best for Going Solo, Best for Cooking Classes, Best for Cuisine,
Best for Mind-Body-Spirit


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Favorite Destination Spa

[wpspoiler name=”Inter-American Business Awards” open=”true”]2008 Environmental Stewardship Award to Fundacion La Puerta[/wpspoiler]

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2010 Favorite Destination Spa – International
Favorite Eco/Green Spa
2009 Favorite Destination Spa
Favorite Eco/Green Spa
2008 Favorite Destination Spa
Favorite Eco/Green Spa



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The Szekely family and their life-long business partner, José Manuel Jasso, in partnership with Rancho La Puerta, their resort created in 1940 to promote holistic health, fitness and natural living. Since its inception, Fundación La Puerta has actively supported environmental, social and educational projects in the Tecate and border area, including the preservation of endangered native plant and wildlife habitat within this region.

To learn more about Fundación La Puerta or future events, please visit: Consider making a U.S. tax-deductible donation today to Fundación La Puerta![/wpspoiler]

[wpspoiler name=”The Center for Responsible Travel (CREST)” open=”true”]Crest

Responsible tourism includes many types of travel, all of which aim to minimize tourism’s negative impacts on the environment, and maximize the positive contributions tourism can make to local communities.

Traveling responsibly is not about making sacrifices, stopping development, or staying home. It is about designing tourism programs and individual trips carefully, to provide travelers with the experience they seek, while leaving a positive footprint at their destination.

The Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) recognizes the need to improve the social and environmental impacts of all aspects of tourism, from small-scale ecotravel, to large-scale resort tourism.

There are ways to improve the footprint of any style of travel. CREST’s goal is to transform the travel industry as a whole into a driver of positive change for tourism destinations, travelers, and the global economy.[/wpspoiler]

[wpspoiler name=”Virtuoso” open=”true”]

Virtuoso is a network of the best luxury travel agencies, with more than 15,200 advisors worldwide. We represent the best of the best in travel, with a portfolio of nearly 1,700 preferred partners – top hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, and more. Our advisors use their global connections to plan the most memorable experiences for their clients, from weekend getaways to dream vacations.


[wpspoiler name=”The Bar Method” open=”true”]BarMethod

We are pleased to offeroccasional Bar Method Weeks in this popular fitness studio program that’s revolutionized dance-like fitness. Twenty-five of the best videos made on Bar Method are now available on YouTube’s Bar Method channel.[/wpspoiler]

[wpspoiler name=”Mountain Trek” open=”true”]mtlogo

Mountain Trek at the Ranch is an intensive, highly personal hiking and weight loss program led by expert guides and trainers –all day, every day, including special gourmet meals and snacks prepared under the guidance of the Mountain Trek program nutritionist. This is a small group program that is separate from the regular Ranch fitness program, but in all other ways it’s the classic Ranch experience.[/wpspoiler]

[wpspoiler name=”Healing Hotels of the World” open=”true”]healing

Healing Hotels of the World hotels, resorts and spas all over the world. Their tranquil ambience provides a personalized, state-of-the-art approach to holistic health and well-being which supports individual transformation.


[wpspoiler name=”Green Spa Network” open=”true”]green_spa

Members of Green Spa Network aim to bring sustainable operating practices to the spa industry, and to promote the natural connections between personal well-being, economic sustainability, and the health of the planet.


[wpspoiler name=”Inner IDEA” open=”true”]Inner_Idea

Deborah Szekely is the first recipient of the Inner IDEA Inspiration Award. The award was established to recognize companies and individuals who have created an emotionally engaging and inspirational customer experience in the wellness field. Inner IDEA is the professional resource for Pilates, yoga, meditation, mind-body, life coaching, health and wellness through its educational material and annual mind-body conference.


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Rancho La Puerta is a proud member of the Destination Spa Group (DSG), a consortium of 23 unique destination fitness resorts/spas. Founded in 1997, DSG chose Rancho La Puerta’s late President, Alex Szekely, as its first president. Members meet stringent requirements of service, facilities, program, and vision that conjoin with the original Mission and Vision ideals of the Destination Spa Group.

Excellence –and a life-changing vacation experience!


[wpspoiler name=”ISPA” open=”true”]affil-ispa

Since 1991, the International SPA Association has been recognized worldwide as the professional organization and voice of the spa industry, representing more than 2,700 health and wellness facilities and providers in 75 countries. Members encompass the entire arena of the spa experience, from resort/hotel, destination, mineral springs, medical, cruise ship, club and day spas to service providers such as physicians, wellness instructors, nutritionists, massage therapists and product suppliers. ISPA’s Mission: ISPA advances the spa industry by providing invaluable educational and networking opportunities, promoting the value of the spa experience and speaking as the authoritative voice to foster professionalism and growth.[/wpspoiler]

[wpspoiler name=”IGLTA” open=”true”]iglta_logoThe International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association is the world’s leading global travel network dedicated to connecting and educating LGBT travelers and the businesses that welcome and support them along the way. Whether it’s for individual, group, corporate, or student travel, we have affiliates in the world’s most sought after locations offering the most competitive packages for your perfect getaway.[/wpspoiler]

[wpspoiler name=”LOHAS” open=”true”]affil-lohas

LOHAS is an acronym for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, a market segment focused on health and fitness, the environment, personal development, sustainable living, and social justice.

LOHAS companies practice “responsible capitalism” by providing goods and services using economic and environmentally sustainable business practices.

LOHAS business owners and industry leaders from around the world meet each year at the LOHAS Conference to discuss industry trends, share ideas and learn how to run a successful LOHAS business.

LOHAS consumers, sometimes referred to as Lohasians, are interested in products covering a range of market sectors and sub-sectors, including: Green building supplies, socially responsible investing and “green stocks”, alternative healthcare, organic clothing and food, personal development media, yoga and other fitness products, eco-tourism and more.[/wpspoiler]

[wpspoiler name=”IACP” open=”true”]affil-iacp

IACP is a not-for-profit professional association which provides continuing education and development for its members who are engaged in the areas of culinary education, communication, or in the preparation of food and drink.

The Worldwide membership of nearly 4,000 encompasses over 35 countries and is literally a “Who’s Who” of the world of food. This diversity not only offers unique insight into the world’s cuisines, but provides excellent networking opportunities. IACP’s vision is to be an international forum for the development and exchange of information, knowledge, and inspiration within the professional food community worldwide.[/wpspoiler]

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International Health and Wellness Alliance (IHWA), a new organization devoted to educating the world about destination spas and wellness centers.

Our vision:

“We empower humanity to embrace health and wellness.”

Our mission:

“To bring together wellness visionaries.”

Visit International Health and Alliance at[/wpspoiler]