Baja Food and Wine Festival Part I - Rancho La Puerta Learn about our health and safety protocols.

Baja Food and Wine Festival Part I

In the shade of olive trees at The Ranch, the aromas of grilled vegetables, seafood and wine drifted through the air. Guest chefs were preparing a sampling of dishes to celebrate Part I of the Baja Food and Wine Festival on Sunday, October 18.  Chefs from top restaurants in Baja California, Mexico, came and dazzled guests with mouth-watering dishes they crafted from organic produce, fresh seafood and other regional ingredients. Clad in traditional clothing, the Grupo de Danza Folklórica Xicoatl played mariachi music and danced. Guests sat on the courtyard steps and feasted on samples of hibiscus goat cheese tacos with caramelized onions and other delectable treats.

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