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Breathe, Balance, & Bend in March

Breathe, Balance, and Bend; three B’s for a better March.  Breathe slowly and deeply while closing your eyes and listen to your breath as you inhale and exhale. Deep breaths are best. Restore balance in your life by disconnecting with an extended digital detox or changing how and what you eat. Bend and stretch your body and your mind, you’ll feel great and you might be surprised how much clearer you think. These classes from our guest presenters help you explore the three B’s in March.

Amanda Haas

February 25 – March 3

Cooking Classes | Amanda Haas

There’s two types of people in this world; those born to cook and those born to eat. We’re lucky Amanda Haas loves both and will share her passion during her stay with three cooking classes at La Cocina Que Canta. More. 


Victoria Maizes

March 4 – 10

Nourishing Your Health by Living Green | Victoria Maizes

Celebrate the writings and work of Rancho La Puerta Co-founder Edward Szekely with Victoria Maizes. Mounting evidence links environmental toxins to developmental disorders, obesity, heart disease, cancer, and neurodegenerative changes. Dr. Maizes addresses the evidence for harm, the steps we can take to reduce exposures, and the multitude of resources that can help nourish our health and that of future generations. More.

March 11 – 17

Cooking Class | Sonoko Sakai

Join expert soba noodle maker and food industry advocate Chef Sonoko Sakai as she offers two hands-on culinary classes during your stay. Chef Sonoko is a food writer, author, cooking teacher, noodle maker, and produ

cer based in Los Angeles. She is also a founder of Common Grains, a project to grow heirloom grains and create a sustainable agricultural grain hub in Southern California. More.

March 18 – 24

Pilates | Elizabeth Larkam 

 With two levels of classes to help strengthen your core and align your posture, Elizabeth Larkam brings her innovative work in body and mind movement to The Ranch. Leave her progressive level I class with a better unders

tanding of the basics. Her Level II will be faster paced for those with more experience. More.


March 25 – 31

The Healing Power of Sound | Lester Garfinkel, MD, FACP

Experience the calming, healing, and resonant vibrations of quartz crystal bowls. Dr. Lester Garfinkel will begin his week with an overview of the science behind the healing power of sound and trace its history from ancient times to our own. Then, participants will have an opportunity to experience the engulfing and centering sound of the crystal bowls. A wonderful conclusion to your workout day. More.


Let one of our Experience Planners explore the Three B’s of March and help you plan a restorative getaway.