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Born under the Sign of the Crab?

We’re under the sign of Cancer the crab this month, so take to the water! Anyone born to be in the ocean, a lake, river, or swimming pool.  Fortunately, the Ranch has three swimming pools, one Watsu pool, and four Jacuzzis.  A happy Crab can hop in and out of all of them, and be completely at home.  All Cancers will be in their element while focusing on water fitness while at The Ranch.

One thing is for sure, they need to move! They have two very distinct movement patterns:  eager and energetic, or quiet and hiding. Being the most emotional sign of the Zodiac, a sensitive crab that gets upset will hide inside his little crab hole until it is safe to come out.  Cancers do not like to fight, but if you irritate them enough, those sharp pinchers will come out – but only to protect themselves.  Rarely will they instigate a fight.  When it comes to food, they may struggle with portion control.  Cancers sometimes have a tendency toward emotional eating, using food as a way to calm their nerves. A happy place for them at the Ranch is the cooking school, La Cocina que Canta.  Here they can soak up great cooking tips for healthy meals, which they can take home to share with friends and family.  Nurturing and nourishing others is one of their primary concerns.

Since they tend to take on other people’s problems, they have to be careful of stress related illnesses, especially in the gastrointestinal area.  Taking one of Yvonne’s nutritional classes, such as How to be Stress Hardy,  would be ideal for sensitive crabs.  They are all about eating, sleeping, caretaking, and loving.   However if they get upset it is possible for them to perseverate over an issue until it has made them sick. Practicing restorative yoga and meditation will help to keep them in balance.