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Energy Balance Treatment

The Energy Balance treatment was just what I needed to finish up my week of mind, body, spirit at The Ranch. I wanted a treatment that was centering and relaxing to get me ready for my journey home.  The Spa receptionist recommended the Energy Balance treatment, this 90-minute treatment would be a gentle send-off. I would feel refreshed to take on new challenges and have the clarity solve a few old ones.

My masajita, Spanish for masseuse, Jacinto, lead me into the massage room and explained the setup and layout of the room.  The massage table was pointed north so my head was directed toward positive energy, which in this room also happens to be the direction to Mt Kuchumma. Candles were glowing in the corners giving a soothing and warm atmosphere.

Once I was comfortable face down on the table and covered with a sheet, Jacinto started at my feet and worked my reflexology points which instantly left my feet feeling warm and relaxed.  Then he began massaging my legs with his fingers, making smooth figure eights, which he told me was the symbol of infinity and opened my chakras. In yoga, Chakras, I learned, are energy centers and correspond to nerve centers in our body. Gingerly and in small movements, he used his fingers from both hands to relax my muscles.

Once he worked my legs he applied slight pressure and pushed down on my coccyx or tailbone and I felt relief in my lower back. Next, he worked his arms up my back applying gentle pressure with his forearms and moved them in a swirling figure eight motion.  This, he said, was to open and stimulate my back and shoulder chakras and continue to open my bodies flow of energy. Then he used a small bouquet of fresh herbs from The Ranch and gently swept across the sheet. I rolled over while he held a sheet up and he repeated the figure eight movements up my legs and continued with the rest of my body.  It felt amazing and refreshing.  It was one of the most relaxing massages I’ve had at the Ranch. My trip felt complete.


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