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February at Rancho La Puerta

Somewhere along the journey toward the meaning of life and daily happiness lies your encounter with sheer bliss—that overwhelming but wonderful intersection of love, joy, peace and wisdom. When we find and surrender to this blissful threshold, we empower ourselves to live the life we were meant to live. At the same time, we gain the strength to be of greater service to our communities. Let’s take this journey together!

February 3 – 9

Obstacle Course Race Training Week with Micahel Mark and Stephanie Quinn

What can you learn from the fastest growing sport? Join Michael Mark and Stephanie Quinn as they bring a team of coaches, a nutritionist, and chef to help you overcome the hurdles on the course and in life. Learn to jump, swing, climb and run from some of the best coaches in obstacle course racing. More.

February 10 – 16

Coming home to yourself with Jeannie Cochran DuBose

Help your insides match your outsides during four workshops with Spiritual Director and author/Illustrator Jeannie DuBose. Explore your relationships, reevaluate beauty in your life and what being beautiful means, grow older gracefully, and explore holiness through writing during this empowering week. More.

February 17 – 23

The Second Annual Rancho La Puerta Music Festival

Join us for five nights of soul-filling performances by some of the most exciting soloists playing anywhere. Artistic Director and renown clarinetist Julian Milkis is bringing a wealth of performers to put the proper notes to the end of your days. Pianist Polina Osetinskaya, Pianist Konstantin Lifschitz, Cellist Alexander Rudin, and Singer Mariam Sarkissian join Julian to fill the Oak Tree pavilion with an intimate week of classical and chamber music. Sounds blissful! More.

February 24 – March 2

Nutrition with Nicky Newman

Continue this blissful journey of life with a well-rounded perspective on nutrition. Vicky Newman, MS, RDN, specializes in integrated and personal nutrition and health. Over the course of this thrilling week, Vicky will talk about dietary choices to effect your mood, foods to protect bone health and reduce the risk of diseases, and how much dark chocolate and wine you can really inhale. More.

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