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February at The Ranch: Reconnect

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“Reconnect” at The Ranch.  Take this short and sweet month to make time for the people, activities and passions that you love.  Below are some of our specialty presenters for the month of February reconnecting you with fitness, well-being, the arts and culinary experiences…enjoy!

Every week Rancho La Puerta offers a complete program of over 60 different classes and activities (four or more every hour) led by our expert staff. In addition, we invite—each week—some of our favorite “presenters” to join us and share their specialty. We consider them our guest stars, and you may want to time your stay to the presence of one of these presenters.


sara-giller thumbnailThe Bar Method™ with Sara Giller This class integrates the fat burning format of interval training, the muscle shaping technique of isometrics, the elongating principles of dance conditioning, and the science of physical therapy to create a revolutionary new workout that quickly and safely reshapes your entire body.  Sara Giller brings years of entertainment and fitness experience as well as almost a decade long working relationship with The Bar Method to Rancho La Puerta…read more


 Richard Learmont thumbnailSound Healing with Richard Learmont Guided Sound Meditation is an amazing experience and opportunity to release your week filled with busy-ness and stress. It allows you the freedom to relax deeply, connect with your essence, find answers within to your questions and much more…… a beautiful way to honor yourself! Enjoy Tibetan gongs/bowls, tingshaws, bells, didgeridoo, drums, vocal over-toning, other sacred instruments and songs that serve to empower and awaken. Richard’s mission is to facilitate a remembrance of people’s true nature so they can experience love, freedom and bliss. He offers a synthesis of Sound Healing, Human Design Life Guidance, and Shamanism…read more


Eszter Cseke & Andras S. TakacsA Series of Acclaimed Documentaries with Eszter Cseke & Andras S. Takacs  Eszter Cseke and Andras S. Takacs are acclaimed documentary directors, digging for human stories behind the news with two cameras, without a crew, giving their films extraordinary intimacy and honesty from the revolution in Egypt to the opposition in Burma. The filmmakers have received numerous international awards for their work including the Press Freedom Award in Strasbourg from the Council of Europe, the most prestigious European television award, the Golden Nymph for Best Documentary at the Monte Carlo TV Festival from Prince Albert, a Gold Plaque at the 50th Chicago International Film Festival TV-Awards and the Prize for Best Foreign Short Documentary at the American Documentary Film Festival…read more

Culinary Experiences at La Cocina Que Canta

Joey AltmanJoey Altman is a San Francisco based Chef who wears many hats: Television Host, Cookbook Author, Restaurant Consultant, Food & Wine Educator, and Public Speaker. Chef Altman attended  the Hotel and Restaurant Management Program at Sullivan County Community College, and after graduation he left for France to train under some of France’s finest chefs, including Lyon’s Bernard Constantin and Jean Brouilly. Upon returning to the states, Altman worked at Harvest restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and later worked at Stars and other trend-setting San Francisco restaurants…read more 

Interested in learning more about achieving a marvelous balance of mind, body and spirit?  Join us for a week at our 3,000-acre health and fitness resort in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico—about an hour’s drive from San Diego, all with transportation provided. Make your reservation or request more information by calling 800-443-7565, or use our convenient online reservation form by clicking below.