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Think Thrill Thank June Rancho La Puerta

There’s a momentary pause when you’re a kid as you stand with your toes hanging over the edge of the pool. You’re thinking about jumping in on a warm, sunny, summer day. Should you cannonball or jump feet first? Then there’s the thrill of jumping and feeling the cool water surround you as the world becomes silent. It’s right after you yell in excitement and disappear under the surface. You thanked your lucky stars when it was over that you had such a glorious day. Summers at The Ranch can be like that. 


Nutrition | Linda Illingsworth, RD, CSSD

June 3 – 9 

Should you take a take a supplement? Which one? More than one? Join registered Dietician Linda Illingsworth, RDN, CSSD, as she discusses your vitamin supplement options and how to better manage your stress with nutrition. Come with questions because she has answers. More.

Pilates | Erika Quest

June 10 – 16 

Erika Quest will teach two levels of Pilates Mat classes this week.  The first class will focus on progressive core strengthening and posture aligning. The second class will be an upbeat and faster paced opportunity to put your regular practice in motion. More.

Advances in Health, Vitality, and Longevity | Joseph Weiss, MD

June 17 – 23

Do you have a wellness philosophy to help guide you as you age? Dr. Joesph B. Weiss will teach the latest in anti-aging medicine, the role of diet and digestion, and the role of your gut in your well being. More.

Dance-Inspired Fitness | Kari Anderson

June 24 – 30

From ballet to hip hop, Kari Anderson will teach you to get your groove on while you get your workout in. Dancing’s not just for discos and night clubs, it’s also for a well-balanced workout that should be part of everyone’s wellness program. More

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