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Kung Fu for Fitness

Learning Kung Fu is like stepping into a whole new world.  We’ve seen it in the movies, but how many have actually learned and used it?  Our guests did recently with our Kung Fu for Fitness Week.  The classes gave us a chance to bring out our inner Kung Fu master and pretend that we were Uma Thurman from Kill Bill kicking some butt!

Our teacher was John Scott Marrone who is certified Gao Shou by the American Center for Chinese Studies.  John has over 15 years of martial arts experience and teaches Kung Fu and self-defense in New York.

As a newbie to any sort of martial arts, I really didn’t know what to expect when I took the class.  However, this turned out to be the perfect class for beginners like myself.  We learned the basic stances; Ma bu, Front, Back, Crane and Box.  These stances are the cornerstones of what make Kung Fu.  We then learned the 22 step Shao’lin Monk Drill which is composed of the basic stances as well as lots of twists, turns and defensive moves.

It’s actually easier than you think and I was beginning to feel like a Kung Fu master!  All in all, the class taught us some great self-defense moves and it was very fun as well.