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March at Rancho La Puerta

“The root of all is planted in you.” -Bauls of Bengal

Thousands of plants and trees thrive in our gardens and farm at Rancho La Puerta, thanks to fertile soil and deep strong roots. We plant deep and love getting our hands dirty.

So, too, do we all prosper when a particularly gifted “gardener” (The Ranch’s amazing fitness instructors) share their knowledge to encourage our body’s wellness roots to grow deeper, giving us the strength we need to withstand life’s strong winds of change. Come to The Ranch in March, for Spring has sprung!

March 2 – 8

Wisdom Keeper Week

Nelson Mandela said courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it.  Join Rancho La Puerta President Sarah Livia Brightwood, Andrew Harvey, Sylvia Boorstein, Brooke Medicine Eagle, and many other amazing speakers this workshops and lectures on living courageously during this special week. More.

 March 9 – 15 

GYROKENESIS® with Jurgen Bamberger

Join us and with Master Trainer Jurgen Bamberger to gently wake up and stimulate your body with a week of Gyrokinesis. With elements of yoga, dance, Tai Chi, and gymnastics these classes are for all levels of fitness. More.

March 16 – 22

Acoustic Folk Concert with Amber Rubarth

This will be a special week with an intimate concert by celebrated folk singer and songwriter Amber Rubarth. Dig into your inner creativity with a songwriting workshop and discover a lyrical life full of creativity. More.


March 23 – 29 

On Writing with Elayne Clift

Discover your inner writer this week with Elayne Clift. Get to the roots of good storytelling and writing with Elayne Clift through discussions and explorations of Hannah Arendt’s Diving for Pearls as well as Elayne’s writing with four days of workshops. Sharpen your pencils, this is going to be a great week. More.

March 30 –  April 5 

Cooking Classes with Kim O’Donnel

For a simmering evening at out cooking school and farm join celebrated chef, teacher, and cookbook author Kim O’Donnel. With over 300 remarkable recipes in three celebrated meatless cookbooks, Chef O’Donnel will teach and inspire you to make cooking fresh veggies a savory part of your day. More.

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