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November is Time to Nourish Your Passions

You don’t need to lose your glow and go into hibernation in November. Come and bloom with us! Embrace and nourish your passion for health during this month of refreshing classes. An amazing group of supportive presenters offers fulfilling and restorative opportunities for your fall getaway.

October 27 – November 2

Meditation with Sylvia and Emily Boorstein

Powerhouse duo Sylvia Boorstein and Emily Boorstein team up again for a week of meditation and teaching about the Eightfold Path. Based on the teachings of Buddhism, the focus is on attainment of wisdom, mental discipline, and ethical conduct. This is the perfect class for our times. More.

November 3 – 9

Sound Healing with John Anthony and Kathleen Haden

Sound Immersion with Diáne Mandle

A special week at The Ranch! Diáne Mandle will offer a sound immersion concert as well as workshops where participants will learn about the healing qualities of Tibetan Sacred Sound instruments and have an opportunity to play these sacred instruments. In addition, John Anthony and Kathleen Haden will offer daily sound healing sessions that complement Diáne’s workshops. Learn more about Sound Immersion and about Sound Healing.

November 10 – 16

Pickleball with Roger BelAir

Come and learn to play the fastest growing sport in America. Roger BelAir teaches pickleball to people across the country… even inmates in maximum security prisons! Roger’s life-coach approach to the game will help you dink, drive, and falafel your way to success on the court and off. More.

November 17 – 23

Optimal Health with Norma Flood, MS, RD

Is your gut the last great frontier? Quite possibly yes when you consider that it has more bacteria than your body has cells. Join Norma Flood, MS, RD, as she discusses foods and lifestyle choices that support better health and explores how this influences brain activity. Clinical data shows that your gut influences inflammation, depression, and stress and Norma will share this data and teach you a healthier approach to your health. More.

November 24 – 30

Eqoscue Postural Therapy with Rick and Theresa Mathes

Bring your body into balance and alignment with Rick and Theresa Mathes’ Egoscue Postural Therapy. Through a series of workshops, they will teach you gentle stretches and exercise to help you eliminate pain from your body’s misalignment. Rome wasn’t built in a day but this helps lay a foundation.  More.

See other life-changing opportunities at Rancho La Puerta, and let one of our Experience Planners help you decide on the perfect week for you, your friends, and your family.