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October at Rancho La Puerta

Not all journeys have roadmaps and guidebooks. Some of the most rewarding trips allow you to lose yourself. Thankfully this month we have an exceptional cast of guest presenters to help you stay centered, balanced, and find your way.

September 29 – October 5

Cooking Classes with Kate Sherwood

Can you find balance in your life through healthy cooking? Give yourself a treat this week and find out by taking your vegetables to another level of “yum” with cooking classes. Join Executive Chef, author, and editor of the Nutrition Action Healthletter, Kate Sherwood, as she brings her healthy cooking to La Cocina Que Canta. She’s teaching recipes as fresh and crisp as the vegetables from our garden. More.

October 6 – 12

Managing Stress with Nutrition by Linda Illingworth, RDN, CSSD

Stressed out, bummed out, or just ready for healthy food changes? Don’t drop out. Registered Dietitian Linda Illingworth can help get your nutrition goals in line with your wellness goals. She’ll be teaching her nutrition curriculum this week at The Ranch. More.

October 13 – 19

Prime of Life Yoga with Larry Payne

Larry Payne is one of the first people to ever perform a headstand at the North Pole. If that’s not adventurous enough he’ll be with us this week teaching his Prime of Life practice. Journey on, find balance and have fun this week. Namaseemore.

October 20 – 26

Trail Running with Tom and Donnie Flahavan

With over 50 miles of groomed trails, Rancho La Puerta is the perfect place to come run with Tom and Donnie Flahavan. With 30 years of coaching experience and helping runners reach their goals, they’ll teach you proper technique to handle hills, unexpected thrills, and run happier. Find balance in your life through running with two of our favorite coaches. Journey on!

October 27 – November 2

Meditation with Sylvia Boorstein and Emily Boorstein

Talk about balance and Journey! Powerhouse duo Sylivia Boorstein and Emily Boorstein team up again for a week of meditation and teaching about the Eightfold Path. Based on the teachings of Buddhism the focus is on attaining wisdom, mental discipline, and ethical conduct. Sounds like the perfect class for our times. More.

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