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October is Inner Beauty Month at Rancho La Puerta

“For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.” – Audrey Hepburn

October is Inner Beauty Month at Rancho La Puerta

Beauty isn’t reflected by one size or shape; it is an attitude and a relationship. Inner beauty is the reflection of your relationship to yourself and the world.  We offer October as Inner Beauty month with these fine classes to help you explore and cultivate your inner glow.


October 1 – 7

Mindful Sleep, Mindful Dream with Rubin Naiman 

Rubin NaimanWhat better way to kick off the month and help your inner journey than with the Truth about Sleep and Healing Our Dreaming at Rancho La Puerta.  Join dream and sleep specialist Dr. Rubin Naiman as you explore spiritual, psychological and medical perspectives of sleep.


October 8 – 24

Hatha Yoga with Sarah Bell

Sarah BellHelp your exterior match your interior during a week of Hatha Yoga with visiting Instructor Sarah Bell.  Learn new poses, focus on breath work and calming your mind during this amazing week with this former Rancho La Puerta Instructor.



October 15 – 21 

Creating Healthy Organizing Habits with Melissa Stacey

Melissa StaceyDo you need help organizing clutter? Sometimes organizing our material life is as important as navigating our interior one.  Join Melissa Stacey as she helps you develop an organizing strategy that is right for you.



October 22 – 28 

Sustainable Eating for Personal and Planetary Health with Jill Nussinow 

Jill NussinowGain a global perspective on sustainable eating and nutrition.  Start with a historical overview before diving deeper into the science of food choices and their impact. Explore what might be the best holistic nutritional plan for you and learn how to follow through with your eating at home.



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