Our New Executive Wellness Program Part 2 - Rancho La Puerta Learn about our health and safety protocols.

Our New Executive Wellness Program Part 2

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A Day at Lifewellness Institute

In Part 1, I spoke about our New Executive Wellness Program with our partner Lifewellness Institute.  It is an intensive and very comprehensive program designed for executive and working professionals to perform more optimally.  I had the chance to go through the program myself and am here today to share my experience.

First things first.  Before you even go to the Lifewellness Institute, they send you to a lab to get your blood drawn (in my case it was Lab Quest in La Jolla, a quick and easy process) for extensive blood testing (we’ll get to that later).  If you’re coming from out of town, you can easily go to any lab in your area.  This was done the week before I went in to the institute so that they already had my results for my appointment.

Guests arrive Friday night in San Diego with one night accommodations at Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina. The night before the testing at Lifewellness (as well as the blood tests) I had to fast from about 10pm until the next morning when I  had my resting heart rate test done.  Before that, when I arrived in the morning (transportation is provided from the hotel to the institute as well as to The Ranch), I had the chance to pick out what I wanted for breakfast from this wonderful organic foods market called Tender Greens.  Also, the fasting actually wasn’t hard at all and I ended up having time to eat before the more physically demanding tests.

The resting heart rate test was easy.  You just lie down and rest.  However, you do have a face mask on with a tube you’re breathing in and out of for about ten minutes so I would be lying if I said I wasn’t glad once it came off.  And after that, breakfast had arrived so I was a pretty happy camper!

During breakfast I spoke with the Family Nurse Practitioner about my past and current health as well as my family’s health.  It was an extensive interview and I felt like she really took the time to learn everything she could about my background.  After that it was time for some more tests!

The tests I was most nervous about were the physical ones where I would have to jog on the treadmill or do sit ups.  I was even more nervous because I took a yoga sculpt class the day before and was feeling a little sore, not good timing!  It turned out to be fine although I would recommend avoiding any intense workouts for 24 hours prior.  The good news was that I didn’t have to run (I’m not a great runner) and basically all the physical tests were over in a jiffy.  I didn’t say they were easy though!  The treadmill test was the hardest mainly because of the mask you have to wear, but you’re literally doing it for about 3 to 5 minutes so it goes by quick.

After those were done, the rest of the tests were a breeze.  There was the hearing and sight test, as well as the bone density and body fat test which is done with this amazing technology where you have your entire body scanned.  Then there was the physical examination, similar to getting a physical at your regular doctors.  Also, they did a skin care check as well for any irregular looking moles.  One of the neatest parts of the tests was the ultra sound of your thyroid, liver, major veins and I even saw my actual heart beating on the monitor.

Lastly, I had the chance to speak with a nutritionist which is what I was really looking forward to!  I brought in all my supplements so she could take a look at them which she really appreciated (highly recommend doing this).  It was also great because she let me know exactly how much of each supplement I should be taking which I was confused about prior to the appointment.

The last part of the day was spent eating a delicious lunch (also from Tender Greens) while going over my results.  I also have to say that the staff at Lifewellness Institute was amazing and so nice!  A big thanks to Quan Campbell, Cheryl Lee, Sabrina Zaslov, Leilani Parlin and Reuven Feldman!

In Part 3 I will be speaking about the aftermath of all this testing and consulting…and the surprising things I learned about my health!  Stay tuned…