Cacao Tea – Costa Esmeraldas

2017 Harvest, Ecuador

80 grams resealable package.

How to brew:

To ensure the full flavor is released, cacao tea requires hotter water and longer steep time. We recommend steeping two teaspoons of loose leaf tea (using an infuser or tea bag) in a cup of boiling water (210° F) for at least 6-8 minutes. Enjoy it pure or with sweetener. It can also be used in mix drinks as well if the natural chocolate flavor is desired. Of course, you can add more tea if a stronger flavor is desired.

Kajkab cacao tea is a healthy alternative to traditional caffeinated drinks. It is 100% natural, no preservative and without any artificial flavors or starches (zero calories, gluten-free, and vegan). Not only it is delicious, but it will also make you feel better all day long thanks to its unique health-improving properties.

Here are other benefits of Kajkab cacao tea:

  • Eliminate the caffeine – Cacao contains theobromine, which has a gentle effect that is long-lasting and increases feelings of well-being
  • Antioxidants powerhouse – With 40 times more antioxidants than blueberries, it is one of nature’s most potent antioxidant foods.
  • Healthy weight-loss – Drink a cup of hot Kajkab cacao tea before meals to help manage weight. Studies show cacao helps to curb appetite.
  • Minerals for the body – Cacao is high in iron, magnesium, and zinc, all of which to support the different systems within your body.
  • Mood-enhancing properties
    • Anandamide – known as the “bliss molecule,” it creates a feeling of euphoria
    • Serotonin – known as the feel-good brain chemical, it restores feelings of well being to the mind and body
    • Phenethylamine – leads to increased mental drive/cognition and helps to combat feelings of depression and anxiety
    • Dopamine – increases sensations of pleasure and enhances motor and cognitive skills

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Kajkab’s approach to creating chocolate is very similar to the process of making wine. They only use natural ingredients with no fillers (such as cacao butter, artificial flavors, synthetic emulsifiers, etc.) to let each variety show its unique character. Single origin chocolate is chocolate that’s made from one variety of cacao harvested in one region.

Why does this matter? Cacao is a plant. Like other plants, its beans take on the characteristics of the region where it’s grown—its terroir. Many terms used to describe single origin chocolate will be familiar to wine lovers—earthy, floral, herbal and berry, to name a few. When cacao is blended, the effect of terroir is lost, just like wines.

All of Kajkab’s single-origin tasting palettes are hand crafted in small batches with just two ingredients: cacao beans and organic sugar. No added cocoa butter, lecithin, or vanilla.

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