Concert and Drumming - Rancho La Puerta

Concert and Drumming

The Family Week Opening Concert – Hosted by Karl Anthony
Get ready for a magical evening with singer/songwriter Karl Anthony and some very special surprise guest performers! As soon as you step into the Family Week Opening Concert, you’ll be surrounded by stunning laser visuals and colorful starlight.

The Family Week Opening Concert is a celebration and a great way to kick off your Ranch experience.

Karl Anthony is a word-man in the music industry with hundreds of original songs, who also plays guitar. Karl also will introduce you to a unique and new sound called a Handpan Singing Drum. This instrument, invented in Switzerland, creates a stunning vibration that connects the hearts of every person in the room.

But wait, there’s more! The Family Week Opening Concert is not just a performance, it’s a chance to feel connected to your community and leave feeling happy and inspired. This is a fun, heart-felt evening of music, color, light, and friends!

Drumming with Karl Anthony  (All ages)
Drumming with Karl Anthony is a fun, invigorating and intellectually stimulating way to enhance your creativity, focus, and overall well-being. Immerse yourself in the world of drumming and experience a dynamic activity that combines the best of music and science, creating a unique and engaging class that is sure to pique your interest.

Through drumming, you’ll be able to express yourself through rhythm and sound, leading to benefits such as reduced stress, lower blood pressure, enhanced cognitive function, and even a boosted immune system. And the best part? No prior experience is required, as you can dive into this exciting world of drumming regardless of your perceived rhythm abilities.

In addition to the creative benefits, drumming can also improve coordination, leading to better movement and balance. Join us at Drumming with Karl Anthony and discover how this engaging activity can enhance your life in countless ways.

Drumming with Karl Anthony  (Teens only)
Unleash your beats and inner rhythm at Drumming with Karl Anthony! This epic class is not only a ton of fun, it’s also an awesome way to boost your creativity, focus, and overall health. You’ll experience the amazing world of drumming, where music and science combine to create something truly unique and engaging.

With drumming, you’ll get to express yourself through rhythm and sound, which can reduce stress, lift your mood, enhance cognitive function, and even boost your immune system! And don’t worry if you’ve never drummed before – no prior experience is needed. You can jump right in and soon will be in the groove.

Plus, drumming can improve your coordination, leading to better movement and balance. So, join us for a class that will have you feeling pumped and energized!


Karl Anthony is an award-winning singer/songwriter and a proud member of NOAH (National Organization of Arts in Health), dedicated to advocating for the healing power of music in healthcare. For nearly twenty years, he has served as a healing arts professional at the San Diego Rady Children’s Hospital, infusing his work and music with a message of hope for children and families.

Leading drum circles in the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services (CAPS) at the hospital as a REMO Certified Health Rhythms Facilitator, Anthony promotes the scientifically researched benefits of community drumming as a tool for equalizing and building communities.

Each year, Karl and his wife Noi lead travel service trips to Thailand, where they have a home and reside part of the year. These trips support musical instruments for local schools and orphanages.

Karl has forged his own unique path in the music industry, earning multiple Gandhi/King Season for Non-Violence Peace Hero awards for his innovative art-focused wellness programs, music performances, and humanitarian efforts. Through his music, Karl Anthony opens doors to connect with people and shares his passion for the healing potential of music.

To learn more about Karl Anthony and his work, please visit his website at