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Inner Fitness: Retrain the Brain for Greater Joy, Connection and Purpose

Strengthen Your Mindset: The Foundation
The right mindset along with learning a few tools and strategies has everything to do with igniting our experience of joy, connection and purpose.

Build Your Capacity to ‘Take in the Good’
Gratitude is an emotion that relates to the ability to feel and express thankfulness and appreciation. Research shows that expressing gratitude improves mental, physical and relational health, happiness and well-being. Gratitude unlocks the door to forgiveness—which is often key to expanding the experience of inner freedom. Learn how to strengthen your capacity for gratitude and forgiveness.

How to Grow Your Self-Compassion
Loving Kindness or metta is about developing peace, harmony and mutual well-being within ourselves and with others. Through metta one learns to abandon bitterness and animosity and embrace goodwill. Metta, when practiced regularly, teaches unconditional self-love and love for others.

Strengthen Your Relationships Now
Learn to communicate more effectively with your partner, friends, family and everyone else in your life. Build the ability to listen generously and speak clearly from the heart— paving the way for true connection with others.

Discover Your Life Vision
Every day we have hundreds of choices to make about how we are going to show up in our lives. Without knowing where you are heading it is impossible to navigate life well or wisely. When clear about your personal vision, you are able to create an inner compass that informs your choices and actions going forward.


Dr. Randy Kamen is a psychologist, life coach, educator and author of her bestselling book, Behind the Therapy Door: Simple Strategies to Transform Your Life, She pioneered new territory in mind-body medicine at Boston University’s School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Kamen leads global online programs, workshops and retreats for corporations, hospitals and academic institutions. She weaves together researched based skills and strategies for mind management, self-regulation, healthy relationships and living your personal vision in her unique systematic and transformational approach.

Dr. Kamen uses a process called Thera-Coaching in which she helps individuals gain understanding and resolution about their past in the service of moving forward and cultivating an intentional and purpose driven life.

She divides her time between her two favorite islands; Martha’s Vineyard and NYC. Randy cherishes her time with her two adult children and their budding families… and of course coming to Rancho.