Sound Healing Specialty Week - Rancho La Puerta

Sound Healing Specialty Week

Sound Immersion Workshops: 
The sacred sound family — Tibetan Bowls, Gantas,Tingsha’s  — have a rich history and a unique sound. Two consecutive workshops will introduce the history and healing qualities of the instruments and show how energy is moved with sound. Sessions are interactive so participants can practice playing the instruments. Each day builds on the information of the previous session. Each session ends with a short sound healing meditation.


Gong Workshop;

Workshop 1: Introduction to the Alchemy of Sacred Sound Healing
Using Gongs tuned to a Planet Earth frequency we will explore the use of sacred sound for the purposes of healing, meditation and expanding consciousness.
Topics include:
• Healing properties of Sacred Sound
• Approaching the Gong
• Tonal regions of the gong and body interaction
• Q&A

Workshop 2: Introduction to the Alchemy of Sacred Sound Healing (continued)
• Therapeutic techniques/craftsmanship – including
• Sacred Geometry constructs
• Vibrational “layering” of octaves

• Gong improvisation
• Q&A Diáne Mandle