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Inner Fitness: Vision Your New Year

Consciously Complete 2022
Before you begin to vision your New Year and consciously create it, it is important to consciously complete 2022. As you reflect on the past year and release the stress, receive the lessons and give thanks for the blessings, you will free up your energy from your 2022 experiences and can move forward feeling clear, whole and present for the New Year.

Visualize Your Best New Year
Einstein said, “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge” and we have all heard the saying “You have to see it to believe it”. Both are true. Usually we think that we have to create something before we know that it is possible. The truth is, you have the capacity to visualize your ideal New Year and connect with your Future Self who has already created it. As you activate your ability to imagine your best New Year, you will receive empowering guidance about the beliefs, thoughts, emotions and action steps necessary to manifest it.

The Main Thing Is To Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing
We all know how it feels at the beginning of the New Year when we have so many wonderful things that we want to create. At first it can feel exciting and inspirational, but if we want to create too much in the New Year, we can end of feeling scattered and overwhelmed. To prevent unnecessary stress, self-sabotage and burnout, it is essential to stay focused on the one thing that matters most to you in the New Year. As Steven Covey says, “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”

You Are The CEO Of Your New Year
We oftentimes hear of CEOs being the Chief Executive Officers of their business or company. You are the CEO, the Chief Executive Officer of your life and your New Year. Some of the skills of an excellent CEO are clear communication, open-mindedness, growth mindset, values, decisiveness, creativity and courage. When you activate and embody these essential characteristics, you will become the ideal CEO and Leader of your New Year.

Create Your 2023 Vision Statement
You may have set goals for the New Year in the past, but imagine creating a guidebook for your New Year that will help you stay connected to what matters most to you. Even with the most clear goals for your New Year, it is easy to go off track mentally, emotionally, in your actions and in your relationships with people, places and things. Creating your 2023 Vision Statement will help you to stay on track with the main thing you want to create this year. By cultivating your mindset, practicing inspirational affirmations and reprogramming your subconscious, your 2023 Vision will become your reality.

Anne Van de Water is an Associate Certified Life (and Business) Coach (ACC) by the International Coaches Federation, a Health and Wellness Teacher and a Spiritual Guide. She is the founder and creator of True Self Mastery Coaching and Wellness. She supports heart-centered change makers and leaders clear subconscious limiting patterns, heal your connection with your truest deepest highest Self and raise the vibration of your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, words, actions and relationships so you match the energy of the life you vision for yourself so you can consciously create and magnetically manifest it. This transformation will help you to authentically, healthfully and sustainably live fully, love deeply, lead powerfully and thrive in all ways. Visit Anne at