Yoga Flow with Stacy McCarthy - Rancho La Puerta

Yoga Flow with Stacy McCarthy

Join Stacy for a week of soulful morning Vinyasa flow! First, you will anchor into the alignment of the body as you begin to connect it to your breath. You’ll direct the mind away from the outside world and into the internal self. After centering and grounding, generate some heat with a warming build-up of sun salutations into a strong standing sequence to improve balance, strength and flexibility. Coming down to your mat begin a gentle hip, hamstring and spinal opening sequence. Cool down and release with your choice of a hip releasing restorative pose or more dynamic inversions. Ending together in a twist and a resolution to make peace of mind a priority.



Stacy McCarthy has delivered over 2,000 trainings and taught audiences as large as 1,000 people. She is an Integrative Wellness expert with a specialty in yoga studies. She is a former corporate executive, an award winning and internationally recognized expert that teaches women no matter what their age, how to have a powerful body and peaceful mind without dieting or excessive exercise.