Lifestyle Medicine Program - Rancho La Puerta

Lifestyle Medicine Program


An Integrative Approach to Your Health

Experience all the healthful benefits of The Ranch with a customized plan to fit your unique needs. The expert team at Rancho La Puerta, together with Lifewellness Institute medical professionals, will provide a comprehensive and actionable plan to transform your health.

The Program Includes

  • A half-day comprehensive Lifecheck LC Program wellness exam, including the Foundation Physical at Lifewellness Institute. Dr. Lee Rice and his healthcare team will deep dive into your health and provide you with recommendations on how to optimize your wellbeing during your stay at The Ranch and beyond.
  • 7-night stay at Rancho La Puerta (Saturday to Saturday)
  • Private follow-up meetings with a wellness coordinator and fitness professional at Rancho La Puerta
  • 1-night stay in San Diego at a hotel near Lifewellness Institute and the San Diego airport

Starting at $7950 + tax, per person


STARTING AT $7950, per person + tax

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