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Taurus Astrology and Health With Leslie McGuirk

Taurus Astrology and HealthOf all the zodiac signs, Taurus is the one most likely to be seen relaxing in a lounge chair by one of The Ranch pools. Being the most sensual of all the signs, they often have to be dynamited out of their luxury locations to workout. They love what they love and they can never get enough of whatever whets their appetite. Being food connoisseurs and lovers of delicious meals, they need to watch out for giving in too much to their self-indulgence. Deprivation is not their thing. In the mind of a Taurus, if one is good, two is better…and sometimes three or four or more! Since they are not likely to give up their indulgences for a more strict diet, they would do best with at least an hour of exercise a day in exchange. And if they enjoy their workouts, they are more likely to stick with them.

One of the best things for a Taurus to do is to have a personal trainer. They thrive with one-on-one attention. While at The Ranch, guests can sign up for private sessions with any of the instructors, and for any Taurus this is surefire way to make certain they work harder than they would if left alone. Taurus, being the sign of the Bull, can be very bullish and often immovable, yet they have great physical stamina. They like their routines, and change is not something they welcome, but they need to keep things active. The best thing they can do is to avoid getting stuck in a daily pattern. The body parts ruled by Taurus are the ears, neck, and throat. Making sure the neck stays in alignment is key for a Taurus. Taking the posture classes at the Ranch, along with Feldenkrais, will help make certain they keep their alignment in check so they can keep a healthy and active lifestyle.

As a treat after a full day of exercise, a cooking class at La Cocina Que Canta is just about the perfect evening activity for any Taurus. There they can enjoy a multi-course meal full of organic ingredients straight from the garden and a glass of locally sourced Baja wine. What more could any Taurus ask for?


McGuirk_Leslie2authorpicsizedLeslie McGuirk has been presenting her QUEST FOR INSPIRATION workshop at The Ranch since 2001, and more recently she has been teaching Ranch guests the unknown wonders of Astrology. She is a well-known author and illustrator of 20 children’s picture books, and a motivational speaker about the importance of creativity. As a professional Astrologer with over thirty years of experience, she has clients around the world and speaks at Astrology conferences. Please visit her websites at www.lesliemcguirk.com and www.luckystarsastrology.com.


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