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Rancho La Puerta’s 4th Annual Chamber Music Festival

Indulge all your senses… … and spend a blissful vacation relaxing under the healing hands of a massage therapist, enjoying farm-fresh cuisine, and feeling energized in fun fitness classes. And…

February 15, 2020

Inner Fitness: Healthy Deviance

Intro to Healthy Deviance: From Chronic Depletion to Empowered Flow The nature of the Unhealthy Default Reality (our real-life version of “The Matrix”); the vicious cycle it creates for health…

December 14, 2019

Week of Mar 09, 2019

Socially Conscious Television

Presenter: Josh Berman

Traditional Stories/New Media: Universal Themes of Humanity Found in a Hit Television Series Josh Berman wrote and produced CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, for six seasons. His session will begin with…

Cooking Classes

Presenter: Romney Steele

Romney Steele is a cook and the author of My Nepenthe: Bohemian Tales of Food, Family and Big Sur (2009, anniversary edition 2019) and Plum Gorgeous, Recipes and Memories of…

The Inner Fitness Program

Presenter: Linda Carroll

The Inner Fitness Program in five sessions: The Big Shift: Love or Fear – What Does Mindfulness Have to Do with Relationships  A Healthy Inner Dialogue – Why Inner Communication is…


Presenter: Juan Pablo Andrade, Martha Aarons, Lev Polyakin

Costa Rican pianist Juan Pablo Andrade is the recipient of numerous awards, among them are the First Prize at the Artlivre International Piano Competition in Sao Paulo, Brazil; First Prize…


Presenter: Juergen Bamberger

GYROKINESIS® exercise is a complete movement system, for all levels and ages, and can be applied to a variety of situations, as one needs very little equipment. It incorporates many…

Sexuality and Health

Presenter: Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D.

Sexuality and Health –And Live Longer and Better Sexuality not only feels good – it may actually make you healthier – physically as well as mentally. This lecture with Pepper…