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Early Bird

We love our mornings at Rancho La Puerta. Sunrise hikes, bird song, organic granola. Be an early bird with your next booking. Reserve your Ranch stay nine months, or more,…

November 1, 2020

Luna Connections

In our 81-year history, we have always valued the connection to self, others, and nature. 2020 changed how we interact, and we received numerous requests for in-room WiFi. In response,…

March 1, 2021

Perfect Balance Sabbatical

We have enjoyed coming to Rancho La Puerta for an extended period of time because it affords us the time and the space and the structure to ground our intentions…

January 2, 2021

Family Week 2021

“It’s so nice that we have our vacation together, but we also get to do things separately.  My daughter is off doing her cooking class and now I get to…

July 31, 2021

Lifestyle Medicine Program

An Integrative Approach to Your Health Improve your mood, diet, sleep habits, fitness abilities, and overall wellbeing. The expert team at Rancho La Puerta, together with Lifewellness Institute medical professionals,…

January 2, 2021

5th Annual Chamber Music Festival

Delight your senses... Our 5th Annual Chamber Music Festival features ten of the world’s finest musicians who will inspire you with extraordinary performances set in the relaxed atmosphere of The…

February 5, 2022

Team Spirit

Team Spirit Bring out the best in each member of your group at Rancho La Puerta. Everyone thrives with nourishing farm-to-table meals, mountain trails, warm pools and every kind of…

June 15, 2021

All Weeks

Week of Mar 27, 2021

Concert: Sarabandes and Sojourns

Presenter: Alex Greenbaum

Join cellist Alex Greenbaum for Sarabandes and Sojourns, a journey through some hauntingly beautiful music for solo cello from around the world, filled with solace, sorrow and the sublime. The…

Nutrition Wellness + Sleep Well

Presenter: Jody Miller, RCEP

Intuitive/Mindful Eating + Food Responsibility = Nutrition Wellness  Eating Right for Life -Dietary Nutrition Macronutrient balance; anti- inflammatory foods; healthy microbiome Building Healthy Eating Patterns-Behavioral Nutrition Types of hunger; hunger…

Life Enriching Programs

Presenter: Rancho La Puerta

Each week features specialty programs taught by talented guest presenters. Enjoy everything from inspirational talks to master chef-led cooking classes to live concerts and world-class fitness professionals. Our partnering presenters…

The Importance of Being Wrong

Presenter: Leslie McGuirk

The Importance of Being Wrong Leslie McGuirk makes the case that being wrong is an essential ingredient for creative thinking and can in fact help us regain a more natural…

Cooking Classes

Presenter: Lia Huber

Lia Huber's first book NOURISHED: A Memoir of Food, Faith and Enduring Love (with recipes) recounts the world-roaming search for sustenance that healed her body, shaped her faith, and defined her…