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The Ranch’s Referral Program

Everyone Benefits From The Ranch’s Referral Program Refer a friend and receive $250 off. For every first-time guest you refer who visits us for 7-nights, you will accrue $250 in…

January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022

Summer Short Stays

Our summer spa and fitness adventures that will leave you renewed, recharged and feeling your best. Begin your day on a scenic garden hike, savor a farm-fresh-breakfast, stretch out in…

July 16, 2022 – September 2, 2022

Cool Summer Fun

Frolic and splash in our turquoise pools. Breeze through the clouds on a morning mountain hike. Sip cold hibiscus aguas frescas at the farm. Our cool summers are a refreshing…

July 2, 2022 – September 9, 2022

6th Annual Chamber Music Festival

Delight your senses... Our 6th Annual Chamber Music Festival features ten of the world’s finest musicians who will inspire you with extraordinary performances set in the relaxed atmosphere of The…

February 4, 2023 – February 11, 2023

Family Week 2022

“It’s so nice that we have our vacation together, but we also get to do things separately.  My daughter is off doing her cooking class and now I get to…

July 30, 2022 – August 6, 2022

All Weeks

Week of Mar 26, 2022

Art in Its Moment

Presenter: Hugh Levick

Art in Its Moment, Part 1 Using art, literature, and music as its vehicle, the first chapter of ART IN ITS MOMENT (AIIM) is a fun romp through five eras…

Clips from a Hollywood Career

Presenter: Michael Elias

Join Michael Elias for: Clips from a Hollywood Career, starring Steve Martin, Johnny Cash, Gene Wilder, Harrison Ford, Dick Van Dyke, Bill Cosby, Forrest Whitaker, Jeff Goldblum, and Me  …

Rising Time of the Feminine

Presenter: Brooke Medicine Eagle

Since 1993, we have been in the time of the Feminine ~ after centuries of patriarchal domination. What positive things does that bring for women, as well as men?  …

Golden Hour Photo Walks

Presenter: Melba Levick

Are you interested in improving the quality of your portraits, landscapes, or family snapshots? Amateur or “aficionado,” digital or film, iPhone, “throw-away,” “point and shoot,” or pro camera, come join…

Piano Concert

Presenter: Aleck Karis

Beethoven’s Magnificent Late Sonata Opus 106 (the “Hammerklavier”) One of Beethoven’s most innovative, challenging, and deeply moving works, performed by Aleck Karis.     Aleck Karis has performed recitals, chamber…

Hands-On Cooking Classes

Presenter: Dan Hayes

Dan offers hands-on culinary experiences, 3.5 hours each, during which you will enjoy preparing your own meal along with fellow cooks. Classes take place at La Cocina Que Canta, our…

Fitness Walking

Presenter: Conni Ramsey

Whether you are a beginner or you want to improve your walking workouts, do a marathon or small charity races, join me for technique drills and different ways to change…

Clinical Fitness Assessment

Presenter: Jody Miller

Cardiorespiratory Fitness (CRF) level is the strongest predictor of all-cause and disease-specific mortality.  CRF is related to functional capacity, human performance, and metabolic efficiency. In other words, your CRF level…

Inner Fitness: Design Your Life

Presenter: Karen Kimsey-House

Choose Your Perspective Sometimes we feel like is happening to us and we have no choice about our day to day experience. We feel powerless and overwhelmed. In reality, however,…