Water Program - Rancho La Puerta


Rancho La Puerta guests enjoy four swimming pools and a complete summer water program that includes 10 different activities! We think you’ll love the options, you’re sure to find something here. Our favorites include Swim Conditioning, Water Polo on the Noodle, and Aqua Board.

Classes Include:

  • Aqua Board: Join us at the central pool for a fun and challenging workout on floatation boards. Be prepared to get wet, work your core and have fun!
  • Deep Water Training: Deep-water training is an ideal no-impact addition to your Ranch week. Specialized buoyancy and resistance gear strengthens and tones your entire body while pushing fat-burning systems into high gear. No swimming skill is required, although comfort in deep water is recommended.
  • H2O Boot Camp: This intense deep-water workout, using buoyancy and resistance gear, keeps your heart rate up, burns calories, and tones your entire body. Plus, there is no impact on your joints and muscles. Working out hard never felt so good. No swimming skill is required, although comfort in deep water is recommended.
  • Feel Comfortable In The Pool: Are you afraid to put your head underwater?  Take 45 minutes this week to “start at the beginning”.  We’ll work in teams in the shallow central pool to build trust in your front float, back float, and breathwork in preparation for future swim stroke clinics on your next visit!
  • Shallow Water Workout: Harness the power of liquid resistance and experience a body-friendly workout that feels good. Our low-impact, shallow-water class targets aerobic endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and balance.
  • Swim Conditioning: Our coach is “on deck” to motivate and lead you through a great swim workout. Learn how to combine effective conditioning and training principles to your swim workout. Improve endurance, stamina and stroke technique in a fun and non-competitive environment.
  • Swim Clinic: Obtain helpful tips on how to improve your stroke technique for a more enjoyable swimming experience. With assistance from our water coach, you’ll learn how to move through the water with less effort, more grace and improved efficiency. All levels are welcome from beginner to experienced. (30 minutes).
  • Water Circuit: A fun water based 6 to 8 station strength and cardio water workout.
  • Water Jogging: Experience water’s natural assistance and resistance as you enjoy a no-impact walking, jogging, running workout in the pool. Buoyancy equipment will keep you comfortably afloat as you experience a cross-country workout like no other. Swimming skills are not required, although comfort in deep water is recommended.
  • Water Polo on the Noodle: A fun and friendly competitive game of polo done in our activity pool while balancing on a noodle; everyone welcome!
  • Water volleyball: Join us in the central shallow pool for a refreshing and fun water volleyball game. The same rules apply as standard volleyball; you are in the water, getting wet and having fun! The more players, the more fun.

Your Visit Also Includes: 

  • 40 daily fitness classes such as HIIT, Yoga and Pickleball
  • Guided meditation, sound healing and other mindfulness classes
  • Evening programs and entertainment
  • Daily guided sunrise mountain hikes
  • Three spa meals per day
  • Use of all fitness, spa, pools, hot tubs, and recreational facilities
  • 3-, 4- and 7-night stay options
  • Roundtrip Saturday transportation between our beautiful property in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico, and the San Diego Airport is included in every visit.