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New Xocolatl Skin Replenishment Treatment

I have to say that my favorite treatment I’ve had at The Ranch so far is the new Xocolatl Skin Replenishment treatment mainly because it includes two of my favorite things: chocolate and spa!

In ancient Mexico, chocolate (xocolatl) was considered to be food for the Gods. This native-inspired ritual feeds the skin with anti-oxidants from cacao. Nourishing cacao butter and sugar make a delicious body butter scrub that conditions and softens the skin. Exfoliation is followed by a yogurt and honey mask that renews texture of skin. Massage infused with cacao is the ultimate body nourishment.

This full body treatment feels absolutely wonderful.  After it was over  I walked out of the Villas Health Center with a huge smile on my face and felt completely at peace.

Let me take you to the beginning of my divine spa experience. When the therapist greeted me she had me create a handmade scrub and mask with luscious ingredients such as cacao, shea butter, avocado oil, jojoba oil, honey, yogurt, and vanilla essential oil.

Once in the treatment room, I laid on my stomach on the heated massage table, and the therapist scrubbed my entire body with a pair of mittens.  Then she applied the RLP Core Essentials Chocolate Scrub, which has a delectable chocolate and vanilla aroma.  It was infused with nourishing cacao butter and sugar that conditioned and softened my skin. She then removed the scrub with a warm towel and applied the chocolate mask, which smelled incredible.  After all of that was done, I flipped over and enjoyed the same experience on the other side!

Once the chocolate body mask was applied to both sides, the therapist wrapped me up in heated sheets. She left me to relax and soak up the antioxidant mask for about ten minutes.  I can tell you that I was probably smiling the entire time because I was so happy.  And the treatment wasn’t even over!

After the wrap was removed I took a shower in the treatment room to rinse off the mask.  I’ve never been so relaxed in a shower!  The funny thing was that I assumed that was the end of the treatment, which I was completely fine with since I felt so pampered. You can imagine my glee when I realized that I still had a massage with a cocoa infused body oil to come.  Amazing.  As a final touch, the therapist treated me to a delicious organic ethnic Xocolatl! All of my five senses had been completely indulged.

I couldn’t recommend this treatment more.  My advice to readers is to have the Xocolatl Skin Replenishment during your stay.  You will love it!

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