Classes - Rancho La Puerta


  • Bootcamp

    Work at your own pace as your cardiovascular and muscular fitness are challenged in this fun, dynamic class which incorporates calisthenics, free weights, and plyometrics. All levels are welcome.

  • Booty Blast

    This lower body class focuses on giving you the best workout to activate, sculpt, and lift your glutes with a range of fun equipment and workout styles.

  • Treadmill Training

    Challenge your endurance and get your heart pumping in this guided cardio workout utilizing interval principles on the treadmill. All levels are welcome.

  • Postural Awareness

    Bring the body back to its natural alignment by finding and addressing muscle imbalances using release techniques, exploring a range of motion, re-firing muscles, and various gentle stretching modalities.

  • Foam Roller Recovery

    Release muscular tension and increase your range of motion through massage with a cylinder roller and tennis balls.

  • Water Volleyball

    Join us in the central shallow pool for a refreshing and fun water volleyball game. The same rules apply as standard volleyball; you are in the water, getting wet and having fun! The more players, the more fun. 

  • Water Polo on the Noodle

    A fun and friendly competitive game of polo done in our activity pool while balancing on a noodle; everyone welcome!

  • Water Circuit

    A fun water based 6 to 8 station strength and cardio water workout.

  • Shallow Water Workout

    Harness the power of liquid resistance and experience a body-friendly workout that feels good. Our low-impact, shallow-water class targets aerobic endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and balance. 

  • Feel Comfortable In The Pool

    Are you afraid to put your head underwater?  Take 45 minutes this week to “start at the beginning”.  We’ll work in teams in the shallow central pool to build trust in your front float, back float, and breathwork in preparation for future swim stroke clinics on your next visit!

  • Deep Water Training

    Deep-water training is an ideal no-impact addition to your Ranch week. Specialized buoyancy and resistance gear strengthens and tones your entire body while pushing fat-burning systems into high gear. No swimming skill is required, although comfort in deep water is recommended.

  • Crystal Bowls

    Float in a bath of sound flowing from crystal bowls that are tuned to the physical and consciousness centers of the body. Crystal bowls emit pure sound waves that resonate throughout the body’s tissues and organs. These sounds and vibrations affect brain wave activity, causing the release of powerful neurohormones that suppress pain, heighten the immune system and produce deep relaxation. Let go of your fight-or-flight response and drift into the space between dreaming and wakefulness that opens the self to insight

  • Chant: Sacred Sound Practice

    Create harmony and communion with a meditation of sacred song and chants from various traditions.

  • Chant

    Rhythm, Repetition, Community…that is chant and it is an ancient practice.  This mindful breathing session uses your body as the sound healing instrument.  Mostly Sanskrit, with some English chants shared, sound by loving sound we will also enjoy some quiet times in between chants.  This 45 minute class is an accessible entrance into meditation moments and a cleansed inner body through sound vibration.

  • Learning

    Each week, we invite noted guest speakers, talented performers and workshop leaders—authors, politicians, musicians, artists and other leaders in their fields—to present afternoon learning experiences and evening lectures. Our own staff members are experts in many fields and may also present exciting evening lectures. Recent topics, for example, include a travel narrative and slide show of a trek in Bhutan, a cross-country bicycle ride, and a climb to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

  • Nutrition

    We don’t just help you feed your mind and soul at Rancho La Puerta. More than sixty years of culinary creativity, experimentation and dietary research in our kitchens have culminated in a superb, all-natural diet. Largely vegetarian, it is low in fat, sodium, and refined flour and sugar — while high in energy, fiber, and complex carbohydrates. But lest you think you’re in for a week of eating something akin to cardboard, don’t despair: Delicious and beautifully presented, the meals at Rancho La Puerta will have you coming back for seconds, if not thirds. We offer weekly talks by experts in the field of nutrition. Topics vary based on current relevancy and expertise.

  • Cooking Classes

    During our cooking classes at La Cocina Que Canta, the kitchen fills with conversation, questions, laughter…and the savory scents of rosemary, roasting peppers, fennel, barbecued shrimp, and other “Mexican-Mediterranean” essential ingredients that characterize a fusion of both Rancho La Puerta’s healthy, light-eating style and that of the teaching chef and his or her favorite techniques and recipes.  La Cocina regularly hosts internationally renowned guest chefs and cookbook authors such as Deborah Madison (best-selling author and founding chef of Greens in San Francisco), John Ash (master teacher and best-selling author of “From the Earth to the Table”), Patricia Wells (famed author and cooking teacher in Provence and Paris), Anne Willan (cookbook author and founder of École de Cuisine La Varenne in Paris in 1975), and many many more. Learn more about our Cooking School.

  • Entertainment

    Evening entertainment at the Ranch includes guest-star performers, most often virtuoso musicians and singers. Broadway veterans, songwriters, dance troupes, and others present cabaret-like shows after dinner.

  • Friday Night Party

    Friday night farewell dinner featuring live music and dancing. Our own Ranch Band performs every Friday night during dinner, after which we all push back the chairs and let loose.

  • Bingo

    Bingo! A hilarious event with a cult-like following, the evening is part stand-up comedy routine and part game, where everyone gives themselves permission to have fun and laugh at themselves and with one another.

  • Movies

    Movies every night: First-rate feature films are chosen by our staff are shown on a giant screen television in the library lounge.

  • Jewelry Making

    Encounter your own creative genius at a jewelry-making class, where you’ll be dazzled by giant bowlfuls of colorful, eclectic beads from which the creative possibilities are nearly endless. Twist some wire and you’ve got a pair of earrings. String some beads and you’ve got a necklace. Incorporate both and you’ve got a zipper-pull. No need to wait for anything to dry or cure – you can wear your creations right out the door when you’re done.

  • Landscape Sketching

    What better place to learn to sketch a landscape than at Rancho La Puerta, with its abundance of trees, rocks, wildlife and proximity to Mount Kuchumaa? Erase the idea that you’re not artistically inclined –guests will learn strategies on “seeing clearly” – how to observe light and dark and build a composition from sketches before fleshing out the bigger picture.

  • Sculpture

    You won’t be slapping together mud pies here. Unlock the mysteries of molding clay at one of our Sculpture classes. You will be instructed on how to form heads and torsos out of a shapeless mound of clay and learn the techniques and tools of the trade. (This class uses a non-hardening clay, so you can’t take your piece home with you. However, you can pay a fee to have it cast in bronze.)

  • Prayer Arrow

    The Prayer Arrow is something that you create with intention. You can either write a goal for yourself or a prayer for someone you know, or it can even be a thank you put out into the universe. Tim provides all the supplies to make the prayer arrow; a stick or branch, yarn, crystal, feathers, dried herbs and rice paper.

  • Watercolor

    Described by resident artist Jennifer Brandt as “the medium of happy accidents,” watercolor is a class in art and patience. Students will learn abstract techniques and will create up to 10 small paintings per class – the smaller the paper, the lower the anxiety level for anyone who has always wanted to create art but were told they could not.

  • Yarn Painting

    Yarn Painting is a celebrated folk art of Mexico that is admired and collected around the world. Our very own Tim Hinchliff is probably one of the few non Huichol art masters of this beautiful artistic expression.

  • Open Studio

    Open studio is an opportunity for self-guided creative work, with help and encouragement from our resident artist.  Guests are welcome to work on any unfinished projects from the week’s art classes (sculpture, watercolor, yarn painting, etc.).  An assortment of supplies will be available for sketching or watercolor painting.  Render a still life of fresh produce from the farm, artfully arranged in Mexican Talavera pottery or take art materials outside the studio to work from the landscape.

  • Dove Mountain Meditation Hike

    A little over a mile long, this silent hike gently climbs  the first ridge of our mountains to a lovely meditation area.  It then winds back down to Kuchumaa Passage, leaving hikers another time for reflection. A great introduction to the mountain.  Moderate Hike

  • Intention Meditation Hike

    Experience a unique, quiet, and meditative hike. On this one half-mile (summer), one-mile (winter) journey you will break three times to voice your intentions, reflect, and deeply appreciate the mountain air.  Moderate Hike

  • Organic Garden Breakfast Hike

    A 4-mile round trip trek over rolling hills to La Cocina Que Canta, our culinary center and organic farm. Enjoy a garden breakfast, followed by a garden tour with our resident horticulturist. If you don’t wish to walk, transportation to La Cocina Que Canta is offered one day during the week and may be arranged through the concierge. (Back by 9 a.m.) Moderate Hike

  • Quail One Hike

    A 2-mile lowland hike over undulating terrain; a perfect hike for someone who is not quite ready for the mountain or would like to have a lighter hiking day. (Optional .5-mile hill to base of mountain) Moderate Hike

  • Woodlands Hike

    A 2-mile lowland hike meandering through the river basin among the oaks; great for beginners or those wishing to pace themselves for a full day of exercise. Moderate Hike

  • Alex’s Oak Trail

    A 2-mile hike climbing about 350 feet in elevation to Alex’s Oak before looping back down. Challenging Hike. 

  • Mountain Hike: Pilgrim Trail

    A 3.5-mile mountain hike up the Pilgrim Trail (700 ft. gain) and returning downhill via the Professor’s Trail. Challenging Hike. 

  • Mountain Hike: Professor’s Trail

    A 3.3-mile loop mountain hike over moderately steep terrain with a 700 ft. elevation gain. Challenging Hike. 

  • Quail Two Hike

    A 2.5-mile hike that winds across the meadow and along a stream before climbing up to the base of the mountain.  Returns via the oak grove. Challenging Hike. 

  • Coyote Hike

    A 5.5-mile strenuous hike winding up the mountain between the Pilgrim and the Professor routes and then looping back along the flanks of Mt. Kuchumaa.  Elevation gain of 800+ feet. (This hike offers a 4-mile option.) Advanced Hike

  • Mt. Kuchumaa Extreme Mountain Hike

    A 7.5 to 8 mile hike with an elevation gain of 1500 feet up Mt. Kuchumaa to the US/Mexican border. Climb over rugged and steep terrain approximately 5 miles to the border with a 2.5 mile return. Breakfast provided, sign up required.  Prerequisites are either the Coyote, Raven or Seven-Mile Breakfast Hike. Offered November to March. Advanced Hike

  • Raven Hike

    A 4.5 mile strenuous mountain hike with an initial one mile climb followed by ups and downs before a progressive climb before the final descent. (3.5 mile option)  Advanced Hike

  • Seven-Mile Mountain Breakfast Hike

    A group-paced hike of 3½ hours over steep, rugged terrain—3.5 miles out, stop for breakfast, and 3.5 miles back. Breakfast is provided in a day-pack. Sign-up required. “Pilgrim” or “Professor’s” hikes are a prerequisite. Offered November to March.  Advanced Hike

  • Art Walk

    Join our resident artist for a walking tour that highlights some of the museum-quality Mexican folk art and contemporary sculptures on display throughout the Ranch.

  • Bird Walk

    We provide the binoculars. The birds provide the show! The Ranch is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with 160 species seen on what might you call our property’s “life list.” Some of the more noted or unusual (at least for this area) species seen at the Ranch include Zone-tail Hawk, Downy Woodpecker. Varied Thrush, Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, Hepatic Tanager, Brown Thrasher (the first sighting ever in Baja California occurred here from November 2008 to May 2009. Some common Ranch birds that are not widespread in North America include California Thrasher, Nuttall’s Woodpecker, Oak Titmouse, Wrentit, and Hutton’s Vireo.

  • History Walk

    A tour around the Ranch focusing on the evolution of Rancho La Puerta from its earliest days. Hear the history of the people and events that were instrumental in creating the Ranch of today.

  • Landscape Garden Walk

    Tour the central grounds with our naturalist and learn about the historic, practical, and aesthetic reasons for the Ranch’s xeriscape (low-water-use) gardens.

  • Nature Walk

    An easy nature walk to learn about native plants, wild flowers, geology, and the ecosystems surrounding the Ranch.  Learn how indigenous Baja people used their habitat for food, medicine, tools, shelter, and ceremony.

  • Coyote Trail: Mountain 4 – 6 Miles

    Push yourself with elevation gains and enjoy scenic vistas of The Ranch and Kuchumaa Mountain.

  • Cottontail Trail: Mountain 9 Miles

    Advanced runners will enjoy this challenging, steep and fun run. Those who adventure on the Cottontail Trail will be rewarded with majestic, stunning and far-reaching views.

  • Roadrunner Trail Run: Challenging 5 Miles

    Embark on a three, four, or five mile run on rolling hills, which weaves through serene meadows and chaparral.  This is a great training run if you are preparing for a race.

  • Running Clinic

    Learn the time-tested drills incorporated by runners of all experience/ability levels to maximize efficiency in your running stride.  This class is an interval training format and is accessible to any fitness level.

  • Gyrokinesis®

    This class begins seated on a stool utilizing small movements of the spine which are circular or spiral in look and feel. Using breath, rhythm and pulsating movements to gently open the spine and joints, massage internal organs, stretches muscles, nerves, tendons and increases an overall sense of well being. Respiratory strength, a release of tension, detoxification with specific breathing patterns, and profound core body strength are among the benefits of a regular practice. Additionally, it helps to develop and brings a deeper awareness to one’s authentic self.

  • Gyrotonic® The Pulley Tower

    If you have never seen the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® demonstrated on equipment, this is your rare opportunity to visually observe, and ask questions.  The Combination Pulley Tower is the most popular piece of equipment in this modality and benefits include an increase in bone strength and density, neuromuscular stimulation, as well as an increase in vitality and your joint mobility and range of motion. Depending on the individual, the Combination Pulley Tower can be the more appropriate environment for an individual because of the supportive aspect to the appendages and spine at times.

  • Gyrotonic® Pulley Tower Demonstration

    A demonstration of the concepts and movements learned in the GYROKINESIS® class are shown on the GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower.  The Pulley Tower increases range of motion possibility as well as deepening the challenge through increased resistance. *Private sessions are available by appointment with our certified GYROTONIC® instructors.

  • Pilates Arc Barrel

    The Pilates Arc is a wonderful prop used to deepen your core experience and clarify the key concepts to the Pilates method. The Arc can be used to modify (decrease intensity) or challenge (increase intensity) the specific exercise.  Pilates fundamentals highly recommended, but not required. Level 2

  • Pilates Mat: Fundamentals (Progressive)

    This introductory level mat class is geared for those who are novices with this method or need a refresher on the fundamental basics.  A progressive experience designed to prepare you for the more challenging aspects of this core strengthening methodology. Level 1

  • Pilates Intermediate Mat Level 2

    This intermediate level mat class focuses on challenging you with higher intensity variations, greater coordinated control of the entire body, and continual transitions for a mentally and physically strength building workout. Level 2

  • Pilates Cadillac Fundamentals

    An introduction to the Pilates Cadillac for a Reformer experienced group of us to 6 guests.  The Cadillac offers another dimension to the Pilates equipment experience.  Pilates Reformer experience is highly recommended with no serious physical limitations due to the group setting for your safety. Level 1.5

  • Pilates Reformer Fundamentals

    A group of up to 6 for those who have never been or hardly been on the Pilates Reformer and wish to experience a fundamental basics class.  Previous Pilates mat experience highly preferred. Level 1

  • Pilates Intermediate Reformer

    This group equipment class for up to 6, is for those who regularly take reformer classes, as it is faster paced with more complex exercises included in the repertoire. Due to the group setting, no serious physical limitations are highly recommended for your safety. Level 2

  • Pilates Combo Twenty/20

    Our most challenging group equipment class where the guests spend twenty minutes on the Pilates Reformer and twenty minutes on the Pilates Cadillac.  For your safety and optimal benefit, we strongly encourage all participants experienced on BOTH pieces of equipment prior to attending this class. No serious physical limitations, please. Level 2.

  • Chant

    Sacred Sound Practice, create inner peace through sound vibrations from various traditions.  Includes many meditative moments in between chants.

  • Inner Journey

    Learn how to bring peacefulness, enhanced consciousness, and mindfulness to your daily life through meditation.

  • Intention Voicing Meditation Hike

    Experience a unique, quiet, and meditative hike. On this half-mile journey, you will break three times to voice your intentions, reflect, and deeply appreciate the mountain air.

  • Labyrinth

    A powerful walking ritual to open your consciousness set deep in an ancient oak grove on our full-scale replica of the classic labyrinth found at Chartres Cathedral. Rancho La Puerta’s labyrinth is a non-denominational experience for the mind, body and spirit. The path is a classical eleven-circuit design, a metaphor for our journey through life. One path takes you to the center and back again, leading you through many turns. The six-petaled center is known as the rosette. In some traditions, each petal of the central rosette symbolizes one of the six stages of planetary evolution: mineral, vegetable, animal, human, angelic and divine. Ten labyrs—the hourglass—are symbols of women’s creativity and power. Each two-thirds circle along the outer edge is a lunation that tracks moon cycles and may have been a way of determining religious feasts in the Middle Ages. Your guide to the experience will further explain many of these references. May you find all you seek on your journey.

  • Meditation Practice

    Unravel the mystery of meditation during a gentle and comfortable practice.

  • Reflexology

    As you step slowly, your feet settle into the smooth stones. Subconsciously, you seek the path of least resistance and maximum pleasure. With each step, muscle tension melts, balance returns and your body is more in tune with the earth. Our reflexology pathway brings the soles–and soul–into energetic focus as you walk over patterns of stones to exert varying degrees of pressure on the feet. The spiral pattern represents the cycles of life and the sequential order of things…a soothing simplicity, an intriguing complexity.

  • Silent Dinner

    A meditative meal enjoyed without conversation.

  • Sleep Well

    Learn about possible barriers to a good night’s sleep, and the helpful things you can do to ensure the quality sleep needed for optimal health and enjoyment of life.

  • Sound Healing

    Crystal bowls emit pure sound waves that resonate throughout the body’s tissues and organs. These sounds and vibrations affect brain wave activity causing the release of powerful neurohormones that suppress pain, heighten the immune system, and produce deep relaxation. Additional sound instruments may be used such as tibetan bowls, a sea drum, koshi bells, a gong, and other instruments at the instructor’s discretion.

  • Tennis Clinic: Level 1

    Open play is available throughout the day and evening on two courts, except when classes and clinics are in session. Improve your game or learn to play with our full-time tennis pro. Each clinic is designed to focus on a specific stroke or aspect of your game. Time is allotted for practice drills. (Beginners) Forehand & Backhand, Serve, and Volley.

  • Tennis Clinic: Level 2

    Open play is available throughout the day and evening on two courts, except when classes and clinics are in session. Improve your game or learn to play with our full-time tennis pro. Each clinic is designed to focus on a specific stroke or aspect of your game. Time is allotted for practice drills. Level Two (Intermediate), Forehand & Backhand, Serve, and Volley.

  • Tennis: Private Session

    Private and semi-private lessons are available by appointment Saturday through Wednesday. See our Tennis Professional at The Ranch to sign up. Private and semi-private lessons (50 minutes) or doubles strategy: minimum of three players and maximum of eight (50 minutes). Additional fee.

  • Pickleball

    Perfect your smash and fine-tune your dink on one of our six pickleball courts. We offer beginner, intermediate, and private lessons in addition to open court play. Improve your pickleball game during a wellness adventure that will leave you renewed, recharged, and feeling your best. Offered year-round.

    Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in North America. A paddle sport created for all ages and skill levels, you can learn to play in your first hour on the court. The rules are simple, and the game is easy for beginners to learn but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players. A fun sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. Played with a paddle and a plastic ball, in both indoors or outdoors, on a badminton-sized court and a modified tennis net.

  • Aqua Board

    Join us at the central pool for a fun and challenging workout on floatation boards. Be prepared to get wet, work your core and have fun!

  • H2O Boot Camp

    This intense deep-water workout, using HYDRO-FIT® buoyancy and resistance gear, keeps your heart rate up, burns calories, and tones your entire body. All without impact to your joints and muscles. Working out hard never felt so good. No swimming skill is required, although comfort in deep water is recommended.

  • Swim Clinic

    Obtain helpful tips on how to improve your stroke technique for a more enjoyable swimming experience. With assistance from our water coach you’ll learn how to move through the water with less effort, more grace and improved efficiency. All levels are welcome — from beginner to experienced. (30 minutes).

  • Swim Conditioning

    Our coach is “on deck” to motivate and lead you through a great swim workout. Learn how to combine effective conditioning and training principles to your swim workout. Improve endurance, stamina and stroke technique in a fun and non-competitive environment.

  • Water Jogging

    Experience water’s natural assistance and resistance as you enjoy a no-impact walking, jogging, running workout in the pool. HYDRO-FIT buoyancy equipment will keep you comfortably afloat as you experience a cross-country workout like no other. Swimming skills are not required, although comfort in deep water is recommended.

  • Aerial Yoga

    Stretch, relax, and unwind in silk hammocks suspended close to the ground. Experience a gentle, calming, and therapeutic decompression of the spine as you flow through a variety of aerial yoga poses and renewal.
    (Note: Aerial Yoga taught at hip height, allowing for deeper stretches and full inversions are available as a private or semi-private session.)

  • Gentle Yoga & Rejuvenation by Candlelight

    Enjoy deep relaxation—and prepare yourself for a sweet night of blissful dreams—with this calming yoga practice, followed by guided loving-kindness and self-care meditation.

  • Restorative Yoga

    Fundamental yoga poses practiced while supporting the body with blankets, bolsters, blocks, and straps, allowing for a deeper sensation of “being in the moment.”  A beautiful practice for relaxation, restoration, and renewal. All are welcome.

  • Sunrise Yoga

    This early morning beginner yoga class will wake up your mind and body to the day’s possibilities.  Please note: this class is not offered every week.

  • Yoga/Fundamentals: Level One

    Ideal for beginners or guests interested in a slower paced class that addresses fundamental skills and terminology.

  • Yoga: Level Two

    Ideal for experienced practitioners with a current yoga practice. Our instructors bring a wide range of teaching styles including Iyengar, Ashtanga and Vinyasa and will include various combinations of sun salutations, pranyama, yoga philosophy, inversions, backbends, and twists.  An invigorating and creative practice. (75 minutes.)

  • Yoga Sculpt

    Designed to strengthen and sculpt every major muscle group. Free weights are used in a sequence of standing and seated yoga postures to intensify each pose. Strength-training exercises are incorporated to build lean muscle mass. Yoga Sculpt will boost your metabolism and complement your regular yoga practice. (Level 2.)

  • BOSU Fit

    This 45 min total body workout uses the unstable and constantly changing surface of the BOSU to train your balance, agility and overall strength. A dynamic and creative way to increase your functional strength and stamina.

  • BOSU Balance

    Enjoy movement challenges and games with the BOSU, which is designed to increase your balance and overall reaction time. It’s a great way to take your balance and coordination training to the next level!

  • Baja Barre

    This class offers the best of two worlds – all the fun, intensity, and technique of a traditional ballet barre class with movements and musical influences from south of the border. Enjoy all the exercises that make this type of class so effective, and focus on lengthening and toning your body. All levels are welcome, and no dance experience is required.

  • Balance and Coordination

    This class will help to stimulate postural awareness and improve your balance and coordination with integrated and challenging movements.

  • Core Challenge

    A 30-minute core workout that perfectly targets and strengthens the mid-section muscles.

  • Kettle Bells

    A unique training tool for building deep core strength and stability. Think of kettlebells as if they are a cannon ball with a handle. Kettlebells will challenge your arms, legs, and core to the max. (Level 2.)

  • Pump It

    These barbell classes use light to moderate weights with lots of repetition to tone and strengthen your whole body. Connect the best weight-room moves like squats, curls, and lunges with music and enjoy a fun and effective workout. Offered as either a 30- or 45-minute workout.

  • Ranch Ropes

    A high-intensity, low-impact, full body workout utilizing large training ropes.  Sequenced drills in progressive strength, cardio, and power formats.

  • Stability Ball

    Join us in this fun 30-minute workout. This class is focused on building strength, balance, coordination, and endurance.

  • The Bounce

    This mini-trampoline class offers all the benefits of a great cardio workout with less stress to the joints. It incorporates upper and lower body strength, core work, balance, and coordination. This innovative way to train is fun, functional, and works with the music to train your brain.

  • Gentle Bounce

    Join us for a gently bounce class that will include 15 minutes of gentle bouncing moves to strengthen the immune system through lymphatic drainage, recovery strengthening and stretching for improved mobility.

  • Cardio Boxing

    Learn basic moves and punches using focus mitts and boxing gloves. You’ll improve coordination, flexibility, and have fun!

  • Cardio Drumming

    A fun and musical cardio workout using barrels, drumsticks, high energy drum music, and choreography. No drumming experience necessary.

  • Cardio Muscle Blast

    A high energy class that includes intermittent cardio and strength intervals using cardio machines, your own body weight, and free weights.  Be prepared to elevate your heart rate and sweat. (Level 2-3.)

  • Circuit Training

    A 15-minute cardio segment followed by a vigorous workout around a multi-station circuit. Introductory classes available on Sunday.

  • Dance

    Hip-hop, African, Latin, striptease, and other styles of fun and fitness. (Style varies daily.)

  • Feldenkrais®

    Experience subtle movements that explore your body’s internal feedback and make natural self-corrections from within. Feldenkrais® changes deeply held patterns and habits that constrain our movement and potential.

  • Functional Mobility

    This is a low-impact class is designed to restore function and improve movement quality throughout your body. You will perform simple, dynamic movements in all three cardinal planes, using the foam roller as a tool to promote mobility in our feet/ankles, hips, shoulders, and thoracic spine. The foam roller will be used as a lightweight, easily accessible implement to drive motion, provide balance, and measure movement.

  • HIIT

    Get your heart pumping in this guided cardio workout utilizing interval principles.  Choose any cardio machine to make it functional.

  • NIA (Neuromuscular Integrative Action)

    This low-impact aerobic workout uses movement, melody, and rhythm inspired by jazz, modern, and Eastern dance forms. It strengthens the body, improves balance, and nourishes the spirit. (Shoes optional.)

  • Open Weight Room

    Workout in Azteca Gym with HOIST® fitness equipment, treadmills, stationary bikes, free weights, ellipticals, and more.

  • Postural Therapy

    Bring the body back to its natural alignment by finding and addressing muscle imbalances using release techniques, exploring range of motion, re-firing muscles, and various gentle stretching modalities.

  • Ranch Cycling

    Ride the open road, climb a mountain, and sprint – all while enjoying the stability of a stationary bike. (All levels.)

  • Rhythm Cycle

    You’ll be pushing your cycling limits through the  beat of energetic, inspirational, results oriented music. Challenge yourself with rhythm, balance, and coordination all while on the bike!

  • Cycle30

    A great class for those starting up or getting back into an exercise routine. This is a 30-minute cycle class that will increase your stamina and build confidence.

  • Release & Mobilize

    Experience deep muscle release and increased mobility by massaging tennis balls on specific trigger points and myofascial junctions. The goal is to decrease tightness and muscle spasms.

  • Roll and Release

    Release muscular tension and increase your range of motion through massage with a cylinder roller and tennis balls.

  • Sand Volleyball

    A brief warm-up and introduction to volleyball techniques followed by fun and energetic games.

  • Sculpt & Strengthen

    Increase strength, metabolism, and bone density while learning resistance exercises with tubing, Dyna-Bands®, and dumbbells.

  • Stretch

    Enjoy a full body head to toe stretch.

  • T’ai Chi

    This gentle, ancient Chinese martial art is an easy to learn moving meditation that improves balance and body awareness.

  • TRX Circut

    Enjoy a combination of land based and suspension exercises in a fast-paced circuit format. (Level 2.)

  • TRX Cardio

    This fast moving TRX class works the entire body and includes a 2-4 minute dedicated cardio section.  Cardio moves are done on and off the straps.  Each individual is encouraged to choose a difficulty level at the upper edge of their ability. TRX experience required.  (Level 2-3 class.)

  • TRX Fundamentals

    A suspension strap training system with unlimited versatility to tap into your balance and joint control.  Learn strap management and basic movements to help you find total body power in a small group setting.