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The Kitchen That Sings!

Set in the heart of our six-acre farm, La Cocina Que Canta (“The Kitchen That Sings!”) celebrates the magical results of cooking with just-picked organic ingredients. The colors, aromas, and tastes that emanate from La Cocina are nothing short of amazing.

Ranch guests can join us for three cooking classes a week hosted by internationally renowned guest chefs and cookbook authors (check the events calendar for details).

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Cooking Classes For Ranch Guests

La Cocina regularly hosts internationally renowned guest chefs such as Deborah Madison (founding chef of Greens in San Francisco), John Ash (best-selling author of “From the Earth to the Table”), Patricia Wells (famed author and cooking teacher), Anne Willan (founder of École de Cuisine La Varenne in Paris in 1975), and many many more.

I believe eating is a sacred act; what we consume becomes a part of ourselves. I want guests to enjoy each bite, relax, and have the best dining experience possible. My goal is for guests to feel energized, inspired, and nourished with every meal.

– Reyna Venegas, Executive Chef Rancho La Puerta

Divino Cacao: Exploring Mexican Chocolate Craft & History

A captivating journey into the rich heritage of Mexican chocolate. From the ancient traditions of the Aztecs and Maya to the contemporary chocolate renaissance, you will discover the unique flavors and traditions that define Mexican chocolate. Guided by Executive Chef Reyna Venegas, you will engage in a hands-on experience, from roasting cacao beans to crafting exquisite “chocolate de mesa” and more!

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Weddings and Events

La Cocina’s buildings and grounds—and its stellar staff, teaching programs, and catering team—are available for private parties and dinners, group retreats, “team building,” and other special events.

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