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Be all that you are.

Challenge your body in fitness classes. Trek majestic mountain trails. Try a new sport. Splash in sparkly, warm waters. Learn the latest in health, psychology, science, culture and cuisine. Sink into a guided meditation, art class or chamber concert. Rest in the serenity of our legendary spas. We know you’re multi-faceted. We’re here to nourish all of you.

Hike and run our many trails

All hikes and trail runs are guided and traverse various areas of our 4,000-acre property, from meadows and stream-sides to high up into the boulder-garden foothills of Mt. Kuchumaa, where the red-tails and ravens soar.

Hiking Program

All hikes are guided and traverse various areas of our 4,000-acre property, from meadows and streamsides to high up into the boulder-garden foothills of Mt. Kuchumaa, where the red-tails and ravens soar.

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Running Program

If you’re a casual runner, training for a race, or looking for the perfect place to recover after a big run — our Running Retreat is for you. You will trail run, cross-train, skill-build, stretch, rest, relax…and have plenty of fun!

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Instructor-led Classes

Rancho La Puerta has more than 50 fitness classes a day. Choose from HIIT, Hydro-Fit, Barre, kickboxing, cycling, salsa and more. We also offer mind-body classes, such as mat and aerial yoga, meditation, sound healing and Feldenkrais. Some of the best teachers in the world will guide and support you. Instructors also lead morning hikes, trail runs, nature tours and art classes.

This was my 7th visit and I know not my last...From the moment you drive in through the gates to the day you leave, every single moment, every single encounter, every single hike, every single activity, every single spa service and every single meal is a delight to the senses.

– Sharon B.


Yoga first soared in popularity here at Rancho La Puerta and throughout North America almost simultaneously. Although there were many sources of new yoga programs in the United States in the mid-20th century, leader Indra Devi (whom many credit as being the most influential teacher of the time) was here at the Ranch as well as our sister spa, the Golden Door. She even opened her own retreat center next door to Rancho La Puerta

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Fitness Classes

“Cardio,” the most important type of physical activity you can engage in to maintain health, increases your heart rate and respiration…but we add something else: Fun! Our high-energy expert instructors put the Joy back in exercise and coach you on the latest techniques.

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Enjoy classes each day in our spectacular exercise activities pool—a facility especially designed for low-impact water workouts. No matter your age or fitness level, you’ll love the water at Rancho La Puerta and the almost miraculous results achievable when your body can exercise freely without impact.

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Racquet Sports

Open play is available throughout the day and evening on two tennis and eight pickleball courts except when classes and clinics are in session.

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We need only lift something—or simply to try to maintain proper posture throughout the day—to be reminded of our physical strength—or lack thereof. The Ranch’s approach to strengthening muscles through proper technique and exercise variety is second to none.

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Pilates & Gyrokinesis®

Set in a vineyard, our studio provides a beautiful home for many of our private and semi-private classes. We have several expert instructors on staff. Larger group (mat) classes are held in several of our gyms.

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Nothing is more important than core, balance and flexibility—it keeps us upright, helps us navigate curbs at home and trails in the wild, allows us to excel at sports and physical activity, pick up children, and, in our later years, it is essential to the prevention of fractures.

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The Ranch must be experienced to be explained. It’s a personal voyage and experience that is truly one of a kind.

– Thomas A.

Mindfulness and Reflective

We live in a fast-paced, chaotic environment where it’s rare that we’re not plugged in to some form of media, whether it’s our phones, televisions or computers. At Rancho La Puerta, you don’t need an “app” to unplug from life’s clutter – our Mindfulness Reflective classes will help you tune in to your own spirit and navigate your inner terrain without the constant bombardment of outside distractions.


Voyage beyond the internal jungles of time and space and learn how to bring peacefulness, enhanced consciousness and mindfulness to your daily life through meditation.

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Sound Healing and Chant

Float in a bath of sound flowing from crystal bowls that are tuned to the physical and consciousness centers of the body. Or create harmony and communion with a meditation of sacred song and chants from various traditions.

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A powerful walking ritual to open your consciousness. Set deep in an ancient oak grove on our full-scale replica of the classic labyrinth, it is a non-denominational experience for the mind, body and spirit.

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Our reflexology pathway brings the soles–and soul–into energetic focus as you walk over patterns of stones to exert varying degrees of pressure on the feet.

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The food, the treatments, the classes, the activities and the relaxed elegance of the environment provide the healing, nurturing environment that recharges and sustains. The staff is so genuinely dedicated to making sure the guests are happy! It is the gift that keeps on giving.

– LoveLifeLiveTraveler

The Ranch Team

Take your training to new levels. We offer private classes for individuals and groups in Pilates, Tennis/Pickleball, Strength, Yoga, Dance, Sound Healing, Water Classes, Meditation and more. Private hikes also available any time of day.
Rates starting for 50 min sessions: $130 (includes tax).

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Kristin Granillo
Barry Shingle
Marcos Landavazo
Coco Bennett
Alejandro Valencia
Hazel Stricker
Andrew Short
Manuel Velazquez
Connie Bennett
David de la Paz
Jennifer De Marco
Manuel Hernandez
CeCe Simms
Mike Bee
Aileen Sheron
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