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Sustainability Without Compromise

Rancho La Puerta’s facilities management department makes sure that the resort is a highly functioning sustainable operation. With guest comfort as the first priority at Rancho La Puerta, care is taken to ensure that all eco-friendly practices are safe, attractive and effective.  This can take a little more time, but in the long run enhances the guest experience.

The Ranch’s approach to sustainability is perhaps best described by the spa’s motto “Siempre Mejor” or “Always Better.”  Some actions, like using natural cleansers and refillable water bottles, draw on tradition and common sense; but others, such as installing composting toilets or switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs, take advantage of new technology.  Ranch employees are proud that they are able to offer the highest quality accommodations while continually striving to reduce the spa’s environmental impact.

Nature, in all the splendor and power of a luxuriant vegetation, of flowers carpeting the green grass with their many colours, of trees laden with fruits, speaks to us of life and health. The countryside is joyous with the song of birds, joyous with the delicious breeze bringing the wanderer in the fields the sweet scent of all these manifestations of goodliness and beauty.

– Edmond Szekely, “Cosmos, Man and Society,” 1936

Landscaping and Grounds

Rancho La Puerta and its surrounding landscape are located in a biodiversity hotspot. Guests feel as though they are visiting a natural oasis where native live oaks line walking paths and wildflower fields blend into the surrounding chaparral. The Ranch employs many water conservations practices to ensure our landscape, pools and farms will flourish year-round.

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One of the most beautiful spas on the planet. Rancho La Puerta is truly a place of wellness.

– Linda I.

Green Building and Construction

Design, construction and maintenance at Rancho La Puerta take green principles into consideration whenever possible. We’re especially proud of our use of local materials and the talented craftsmen who understand the pleasure and honor of working in traditional ways. At the same time, the Ranch is an experimental “laboratory” of new ideas, driven by the curiosity and ingenuity of our president, Sarah Livia Brightwood.

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Water Bottle Program and Water Conservation

We are committed to water conservation and the reduction of plastic pollution. Read the articles below to learn more about how we help protect the planet.