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Organic Farm at Tres Estrellas

Guests at Rancho La Puerta enjoy the flavors of freshly picked fruits and vegetables year-round. Visits to our organic farm, located about 2 miles up the valley from most of our facilities and accommodations, take place almost daily: a favorite is an early morning guided hike that combines a 2-mile walk through rolling meadows and chaparral with a welcoming breakfast, a tour of the gardens, and an introduction to the principles of organic farming led by our charismatic head gardener, Salvador Tinajero. The garden and cooking school were designed and created by Rancho La Puerta President Sarah Livia Brightwood. Our ecological specialist, Enrique Ceballos, also assists Sarah Livia in the garden’s vision.

Tres Estrellas Organic Farm

The farm is a vibrant tapestry of orchards, intensively planted raised beds, and herbs—all of them managed via the organic and sustainable practices that have guided us since 1940.

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Soil-to-Table Certification Program

A 4 week residential training program designed for college students interested in learning about ecological farming, farm-to-table food preparation and self-reliance. Students live, learn and work at Rancho Tres Estrellas located in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico. Through a dynamic combination of in-classroom and hands-on learning experiences, students will explore how organic food is grown and how the bountiful, nutrient dense products of the farm can be used as food, medicine and more.

The production of healthy fruits, vegetables and cereals is the foundation of health and of natural medicine. If our fruits and vegetables are deficient and unwholesome, the whole therapy and diet are illusory.

– Professor Edmond Szekely