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The resplendence of nature

The Ranch is part of the natural world, rather than the other way around. Set in a valley at the base of Mt. Kuchumaa, our river gives life to marshlands and ancient oak groves. We’ve preserved thousands of acres of wildlands for guests to enjoy. Our temperate Mediterranean climate hosts an incredible diversity of flora and fauna. The Ranch’s landscaped gardens are an abstraction of nature, with a tapestry of plants that thrive in our chaparral landscape. Casitas, gyms, spas, pavilions and pools are set in our sprawling village like hidden jewels.

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Nature, in all the splendor and power of a luxuriant vegetation, of flowers carpeting the green grass with their many colours, of trees laden with fruits, speaks to us of life and health. The countryside is joyous with the song of birds, joyous with the delicious breeze bringing the wanderer in the fields the sweet scent of all these manifestations of goodliness and beauty.

– Edmond Szekely, “Cosmos, Man and Society,” 1936

Ecological diversity and beauty beneath a sacred mountain

Home to coyotes, cottontail rabbits and foxes, Kuchumaa also enjoys a diversity of North American bird species. Ravens, golden eagles and red-tailed hawks sweep the sky, and towhees, wren and quail scatter before morning trail guides.

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For the hours and minutes and moments I am away from Mt. Kuchumaa, the labyrinth, morning walks, the birds, Deborah’s inspirational musings in Oaktree Pavilion, and the food, still I carry with me the spirit of the great mountain, the scent of the land, the soul of The Ranch.

– Cathie Borrie

A sprawling expanse of luxury facilities and amenities

Most of our facilities and lodgings are sprinkled amindst world-class gardens. Probably the world’s first “eco” resort, the Ranch practices sustainable organic gardening and resource conservation, and leads the way in environmental protection and education efforts in the region.

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Grounds and Gardens

The setting is a picturesque valley at the base of a sacred mountain, just below Southern California in sunshiny Baja. Pools, spas, gyms, yoga studios and casitas dot the luxuriant land. Rancho La Puerta marries simplicity with splendor.

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The Szekely family collection of sculpture, paintings, mosaic, ceramics and more adorn the Ranch, indoors and out, for guests’ edification and enjoyment. Colorful folk art from the major craft regions of Mexico can be seen in public areas as well as guest residences.

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I feel cradled at Rancho La Puerta. Everything is beautifully appointed. The staff is warm and friendly. Their care is apparent everywhere, in the accommodations, food, spa, landscaping, and classes. It’s easy to say ‘I’m not going to worry about anything this week’ and just feel inspired.

– Tim Pauly