Tim Hinchliff - Rancho La Puerta

Tim Hinchliff

Yarn Painting is a celebrated folk art of Mexico that is admired and collected around the world. Our very own Tim Hinchliff is probably one of the few non Huichol art masters of this beautiful artistic expression.

The Prayer Arrow is something that you create with intention. You can either write a goal for yourself or a prayer for someone you know, or it can even be a thank you put out into the universe. Tim provides all the supplies to make the prayer arrow; a stick or branch, yarn, crystal, feathers, dried herbs and rice paper.

Timothy Hinchliff

A great, great, grand-nephew of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Timothy Hinchliff was born an artist and poet with one foot in the wilds of nature and one foot in the garden. He began to follow a path that would train him to become a recognized Shaman-Artist in the Huichol yarn painting tradition. Timothy has guided guests at the Ranch for thirty years in creating their Prayer Arrows and Yarn Paintings on a weekly basis, enchanting each with magical stories of pathways that lead one to the doorway of personal discovery. All ages will experience the joy-filled world of imagination while creating their own yarn paintings.