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The Ranch is dedicated to your wellbeing—head, heart and spirit, and we have a vital, beautiful and healthy space in a natural outdoor setting. Here is what some of our guests are saying about their time at The Ranch:

Adriana, 1st Time Guest

“What an amazing experience! My heartfelt gratitude to everyone that made this week the greatest getaway that I have ever had. From the airport to the airport, I was amazed by the incredible organization, the spirit of service, the care and every detail.”

– Adriana, 1st Time Guest, Week of May 22, 2021

Carol H., 2nd visit

“I am more present to what’s available here to me today, and I’m more open to what’s going on– especially the nature. I’m just bathing in the nature! Nature also being ‘other people.’ Going into a yoga class again…feeling that energy that you have in a group setting. The meals here are also the most amazing situations of connecting with others. After this experience I’ll definitely be back.”

– Carol H., 2nd visit, week of March 27, 2021

Lisa B., Oregon, First-Time Guest

“I’ve been daydreaming all week about who it would be fun to come here with. And out of everybody I could think of, I think I’d prefer to come back here with my three kids…because, at the end of the day, it’s like you experienced something so beautiful, and you want to share it with those you love the most.”

 – Lisa B., Oregon, First-Time Guest, week of March 27, 2021

Leslie McGuirk, 40 visits

“There’s no place like this on the planet, between the mountain, the sacredness of the land, the type of people that it attracts—there’s something magical that goes on here. The Ranch heals your soul, no matter what. Even if you’re just here for a couple of days, you will be healed.  It’s the only place I know on the planet that does this.”

– Leslie McGuirk, 40 visits, Florida, week of March 27, 2021

Tessa B., First-Time Guest

“I like eating healthy, and the healthy eating is built-in here. I always like trying new things, and here it allows you to do that easily… it feels really good…It’s just refreshing; I love it so much.”

– Tessa B., High School Senior, First-Time Guest, Oregon, week of March 27, 2021

Kim, 4 visits

“I had such a good time at Rancho La Puerta. I thought the staff did a great job with all of the COVID-19 protocols and the enjoyment of the week wasn’t really impacted by all of that. I took several spa treatments which were all very good. My group and I also did a tour of The Residences location – very impressive. The Ranch is my happy place, and I recommend it to anyone. I felt very safe, and the experience is barely diminished by the new protocols.”

– Kim S., Austin, TX, 4 visits, week of January 30, 2021

Lauren, first time guest

“Follow Your Bliss” is what you’re told upon arrival to The Ranch. With so much to choose from – every guest’s week here looks a little different (whether you’re into hiking, fitness classes, yoga, art, gardening, etc.). I loved all the hiking trails, cardio boxing, fitness & Pilates classes. It is such a great property for a couple’s fitness break, solo recharge, girl’s getaway or mother-daughter trip (minimum age is 14 except for Family Week). I think wellness-focused trips are more important than ever! I enjoyed eating healthy and getting nutrition tips while on the property – they were very accommodating to different dietary requirements. The spa treatments were great. I also really liked how The Ranch requires negative covid tests w/in 72 hours of arrival; it gave me more assurance. Lastly, I love the proximity to San Diego. I had no idea how easy and accessible it was to get there. I was sad to leave, but I’ll be back!

– Lauren L., Naples, FL, first time guest, week of January 30, 2021

Heidi, 25 visits

“A significant part of the Ranch’s magic & enduring appeal is that it has something for everybody, first-timers as well as frequent repeaters, and always gives you exactly what you need, whether you know what that will be or not.
The Ranch has always felt like a sanctuary & safe place to retreat from the rigors of the “real world”, but now more so than ever. After a year of being constrained by the pandemic, coming here where I can breathe freely & let my soul expand with the joy of life again is the healthiest thing I can do for myself.”
– Heidi M., Sunnyvale, CA, week of February 27, 2021

Bob, La Jolla, CA, 8 visits

“After day one, Ranch Magic already set in, and I was so much more relaxed. If you end up going to a lecture, you might be one of a few people there, and you can have a deeper level of conversation with the presenters, and it becomes a much more interesting dynamic. My wife and I bonded with several of the guest lectures, which rarely happens. Everybody was so accommodating, and the classes were very personalized. We went on the organic breakfast hike twice because we liked it so much and it wasn’t crowded. It was a tremendous experience, and I was confident that the probability of infection was less than being at home. We can’t wait to go back.”

–Bob, La Jolla, CA, 8 visits, week of Nov. 21, 2020

Jennifer B., 1st Time Guests

“I came for the first time during the week of my 60th birthday and during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was transformative. The setting and the staff made it the most peaceful and relaxing experience imaginable. From a health perspective, I felt safer at Rancho La Puerta than I did at home due to the precautions in place. I will return to this restorative place.”

– Jennifer B., 1st time guest, week of September 5, 2020

Dona, 6 visits

“I was also at Rancho for their 9/5 opening week. I felt so safe and alive with all of the protocols they put in place. While they are limited to 30% occupancy to ensure safe distancing – they continued to offer everything I love them for – their early-morning hikes, a full variety of classes with too many to choose from (!), great speakers, and a healthful uplifting experience. Given what is going on in the US right now – I am considering returning to The Ranch again before the year is over!”

– Dona, 6 visits, week of September 5, 2020

Guest, 9 visits

“Fewer guests mean a more intimate experience for each of us. Your favorite staff people are still here, and happy. The classes have fewer students, so no need to rush from class to class. Some of the new measures are great, like having 30 min between classes! The Ranch is doing an amazing job of keeping everyone safe- masks are worn everywhere, and new hand washing stations were installed. The presenters and entertainers are still of the highest quality. I am thinking of staying a few extra days, just because this feeling of having my own ‘special Ranch’ will not last forever!”

–Guest, 9 visits, September 2020

Jamie Metzl, 11 visits

“I was a little nervous about the travel before coming to The Ranch but now feel that being here is far safer than my even staying at home in New York. Every detail and safety protocol has been carefully considered so the guests can just relax. The world may be getting crazier but The Ranch remains a perfect oasis of peace, safety, and calm.”

– Jamie Metzl, 11 visits, week of October 3, 2020

Michael, 17 visits

“I have been coming to Rancho La Puerta for something like thirty years, most recently as a musician, and I was thrilled to return for the first two weeks of the re-opened RLP! After months of lock-down, it was a huge relief to be able to come to the most beautiful ‘bubble’ in the world. All the staff are exceptionally well schooled in all the necessary precautions and the occupancy is restricted to 30%, so we never felt the least concerned about the pandemic. Congratulations on reopening and on making The Ranch even more special than before!”

– Michael, 17 visits, week of September 5, 2020

Jan, 39 visits

“We knew this was going to be a different Ranch experience… and we were pleasantly surprised by the things that seemed familiar and normal but also some new experience and new friends…everybody was so happy to be there…and that was a joy.”

– Jan, 39 visits, week of September 12, 2020

Heidi, 25 visits

“It felt very peaceful, very private, and very personal…It was a positive experience that got us back toward working toward our better selves and better lives…We’re so glad we went and can’t wait to go back again.”

– Heidi, 25 visits, week of September 12, 2020

Paul, 19 visits

“As usual, at The Ranch, the cares of the world just tend to melt away. And if people hadn’t been wearing masks, you wouldn’t have even thought about COVID-stuff… I was safer at The Ranch than anywhere else I can think of, except my house. I had a wonderful time.”

– Paul, 19 visits, week of September 12, 2020