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Meet the RLP Staff: David de la Paz

Wednesday, November 25, 2020
11:00AM PST/ 2:00PM EST 

David de la Paz is an international presenter and instructor trainer for Yoga and Pilates. His personal approach towards a slow mindful practice focuses on quality versus quantity, he often refers to his work as to “finding the balance between minimum effort and maximum outcome”.

After having explored the fields of dance, fitness, yoga, meditation and philosophy for over 30 years his commitment to contribute for the betterment of life and humanity is now stronger than ever and Rancho la Puerta is the perfect platform for that.

Listening, expressing, acknowledging, embracing, and leaning into each other are some of the basic tenets by which we define The Ranch’s existence. With “Voices of The Ranch,” our resolve is to bring you thought provoking and moving conversations to help us examine our beliefs and our opportunities, reaffirm our shared humanity and see how we can become better allies, standing for justice and compassion.

These may be uncomfortable and challenging, but also insightful, and inspiring. We can’t promise how they will turn out; we can promise that we won’t let fear get in the way of our mission to be a place for healing and transformation.


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Learning to Run for Life
Wednesday, December 2, 2020
11:00AM PST/ 2:00PM EST 

Tom and Donnie Flahavan

Tom and Donnie Flahavan have been running, competing and coaching for over 30 years. Their coaching style is fun, educational and they have introduced hundreds of people of various levels to trail running.

Stay tuned! I’m excited to share some of what is happening at your ‘home away from home’ each week.  -Barry

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