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Join Kymberly Williams-Evans and Barry for a discussion on active aging, better balance, and you.

Thursday, August 13, 2020
11:00AM PST/ 2:00PM EST


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Kymberly Williams-Evans PhD (ABD) has taught fitness to more than 40,000 participants on 4 continents in 4 languages. Her teaching career spans land, sea, and airwaves and started in the first aerobics studio in Europe.

Former faculty at the University of California Santa Barbara in both the Dept of Exercise and Sports Studies and English, she specializes in baby boomer and older adult group exercise. Kymberly holds both group instruction and Senior Specialty certification through ACE,  earned the Functional Aging Specialist certification and is a charter member of the 2020 AgeWell Collective.

When not teaching classes in Santa Barbara, you can find her at Rancho la Puerta, where she has been guest instructing since 1985.

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Voices Of The Ranch

Listening, expressing, acknowledging, healing, embracing, and leaning into each other are some of the basic tenets by which we define The Ranch’s existence. Our resolve is to bring you thought provoking and moving conversations to help us examine our beliefs and our opportunities, reaffirm our shared humanity and see how we can become better allies, standing for justice and compassion.

Join us for several healing dialogues with Barry and Deborah; see the schedule below. These may be uncomfortable and challenging, but also insightful, and inspiring. We can’t promise how they will turn out, we can promise that we won’t let fear get in the way of our mission to be a place for healing and transformation.

Tuesday, August 18, 11:00 AM PST

Morgan Shingle – Chats with Barry

Tuesday, August 18, 2020
11:00AM PST/ 2:00PM EST

Join my daughter, Morgan,  and me as we celebrate our shared birthdays from Montana.   Morgan, as described by Deborah, is a “Ranch child”.  Morgan was seven years old when I started my job at the Ranch.  When I was hired, I told Deborah that the only way I could take the job was if my daughter could spend as much time with me as possible at the Ranch.  And though children under 14 are not permitted to be guests at the Ranch, Deborah agreed to allow Morgan to be with me.  We kept her mostly out of sight yet she became known by our guests and the staff very quickly.  First, she came for the summers, holidays, and school breaks, and then during junior high, she came to live with me full time.   She was tutored at the Ranch; one instructor taught her geography, one math, another voice lessons, and another all the other subjects. It was a true example of it takes a village to grow a healthy person to adulthood. She learned to make jewelry and helped in the art studio as well as taking workshops on journaling and occasionally even took a class or hike.  For high school, she went to school at an all-girls academy in San Diego and still visited the Ranch as much as possible.   After completing her undergrad degree in San Francisco and becoming a certified yoga instructor she completed her Masters of Science and Social work at the University of Texas at Austin. She currently works full time in Austin where she is a therapist for high-risk young adults.  She continues to teach and practice yoga and brings the life skills she learned at the Ranch like mindfulness, self-compassion, humility, humanitarianism, equality, justice, and empathy to her counseling and classes.   She has taken up painting and continues her passion for reading and tries to get outside as much as possible since the pandemic started back in March.  Morgan and I feel like the guests of the Ranch have all been family to us!  We look forward to sharing some time with you- virtually!

Thursday, August 20, 11:00 AM PST

Phyllis Pilgrim – Voices of The Ranch

Thursday, August 20, 2020
11:00AM PST/ 2:00PM EST

Phyllis is a beloved member of the Ranch family and has worked at the Ranch for almost 40 years. Recently celebrating her 84th birthday from her home in San Diego where she has been quarantined during the pandemic. Phyllis plans on retiring this year and will continue to visit the Ranch to see the staff and guests who she holds dear in her heart.  She first set foot on Rancho La Puerta in July 1981 as a yoga teacher from London and Barbados, where she had been a Geography teacher for 24 years and learned yoga from teachers who had studied in India and returned to London in the early 1960s.   Gradually over the years at the Ranch as Fitness Director; Phyllis developed the yoga department as well as introducing other body/mind classes with skilled instructors in the areas of Tai Chi,  NIA, Feldenkrais, and Pilates. In the early 80’s she introduced the Inner Journey meditation and introspective class, expanding it to a daily class as fitness instructors became meditators in their own right.
In January she had a car accident that left her with a concussion and as she was healing the pandemic arrived and is using her love of life, spirituality, and alternative healing modalities to mend and thrive.

Tuesday, August 25, 11:00 AM PST

Patti Tveit Milligan, PhD, RD, CNS – Chats with Barry

Tuesday, August 25, 2020
11:00AM PST/ 2:00PM EST

Patti has been in the nutrition field for 38 years. Working in both the clinical therapeutic nutrition and integrative medicine/natural foods fields, she brings a unique blend of clinical, educational, holistic, consumer, and PR experience.

Patti’s knowledge, passion, and commitment to impacting the way people can influence their vitality with their nutritional regimens makes her an extraordinary presenter.

She combines years of experience with organic and natural grocery stores along with her passion for kids’ nutrition and environmental sustainability, in her work with The Children’s Eternal Rainforest. She and her son have created the foundation “Be Memorable,” in which they run programs that inspire and impact individual lives in the area of kids’ nutrition (school gardens and kids’ cancer).

Author of children’s nutrition story & gardening journal-“Why is Shirley Unusual?

Inspiring school gardens and kids to thrive eating fresh fruits and vegetables. http://amzn.to/2fTyan3

Educational Background: Doctorate in Neuroscience of Taste specializing in saliva’s impat in regeneration nutrition., Registered Dietitian, Herbal Medicine and Botanical Biochemistry Certified Specialist, MS in Sports Medicine & Consumer Sciences, BS in Foods and Nutrition, Sensory/Taste Sommelier

Thursday, August 27, 11:00 AM PST

Nancy Pickard – Voices of The Ranch

Thursday, August 27, 2020
11:00AM PST/ 2:00PM EST

Nancy Pickard is a Certified Integrative Coach through The Ford Institute for Transformational Training. She is certified as a Breakthrough Shadow Coach, Empowered Parent Coach, Courage Coach, Healing Your Heart Coach, Leadership Coach, Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Bigger Better Braver Coaching. She is the author of the upcoming book, Bigger Better BraverConquer your Fears, Embrace your Courage, Transform your Life, which hits the stores July 14th but is available now on preorder on amazon.

Prior to her work as a coach, she owned and operated a personal training gym called Tight Ends Inc.  She knows what it takes to help people achieve big goals. She holds multiple personal training certifications and has focused on health and wellness for almost 20 years. Her path towards coach was a natural evolution—she has a BS in Psychology and an MS in Education.

She lives by example. In 2017, she traveled alone in Thailand and Vietnam and undertook her biggest challenge, climbing Kilimanjaro at the age of 61. Coaching others to step out of fear and into bigger versions of themselves is her passion.

She can be found at: http://nancypickardlifecoach.com

Thursday, September 3, 11:00 AM PST

Elliott Dacher – Voices of The Ranch

Thursday, September 3, 2020
11:00AM PST/ 2:00PM EST

Elliott S. Dacher, M.D. practiced internal medicine for 20 years before pursuing an extensive education in Eastern psychology and practices amongst the wise healers of Asia. His last book –Aware, Awake, Alive is the course text. He is a past fellow at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and a past advisory board member of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. A frequent presenter and seminar leader, his previous books include: Integral Health: The Path to Human Flourishing (Basic Books, 2006), Whole Healing (Dutton/Plume, 1996), and Intentional Healing(Marlowe, 1996). Currently he teaches and counsels individuals seeking a larger health and life.

Free Sunday Zoom Meditations with Elliott Dacher: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84517139711

Tuesday, August 25, 11:00 AM PST

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