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Spa Services

Yoga Therapy

Larry Payne

The Brain Unmasked

Jacqueline Chan

Power your Pelvis

Dawn Sandalcidi and Kathe Wallace

Yoga Therapy

Larry Payne


Joel ben Izzy

Positive Intelligence

Ramona Master

QiGong Demonstration

Lin Lin Choy

Saving Soil

Judith Schwartz

Exploring Enneagrams

Betsy Ingalls

Slow and Steady

Martha Aarons

Intermittent Fasting

Lucy Buckner

Prime of Life Yoga

Larry Payne

Texas Hold’Em – All In!

Lorraine Clayton and Johnny Goebel

Born Into Yoga

Veera Sanjana

Train to Maintain Your Brain

Kymberly Williams-Evans

Real Life Magic

Cherie Kephart

The Writing Process

Les Standiford

Guided Meditation

Michele Hébert

Virtual Pilates

Odile Zelenak

Learn to Sleep Better

Dr. Shelby Harris

Guitar Star

Daryl Stuermer

Virtual Feldenkrais

Ilana Nachoum

What Stays the Same

Sylvia Boorstein

Mastering Self-Discipline

Brian Peter Brinig

Silly Stepping

Anna Matuszewski

Seeking Pleasure

David S. Sobel, MD, MPH


Kim Ross

HiHe- High-Intensity High Energy Circuit Training Class

Brooke Dietz and Emily Lawrence Imler

Virtual Barre Workout

Margie Caldwell-Cooper

African Dance

Maria Nhambu

Virtual Stretch Class

David de la Paz

The Eight Limbs of Yoga

Jennifer DeMarco

Leading Your Mind

Dr. Randy Kamen

Heidi, 25 visits

Heidi, 25 visits

Refusing to Settle

Leslie Zann

Virtual Yoga Class

Hazel Stricker

A Chat on Mindful Intimacy

Jennifer Gunsaullus

Living With Less

Amy Carstensen

HIIT Workout

Alejandro Valencia

Dynamic Stretch Class

Manuel Velazquez

Dramatic Conflict

Peter and Susan Glaser

The Fabulous Twin Fitness Duo

Coco and Connie Bennett

Advice From G.I. Joe

Dr. Joseph Weiss

Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Dr. José Guadalupe Flores

Feeling Frequencies

Dr. Patrick K. Porter and Dr. Dana Dean

Healing Sounds

Diáne Mandle

On A Mission

Edie Littlefield Sundby

Sexual Healing

Lauren Streicher

Escaping Ego

Elliot Dacher

Adjusting Taste

Patti Tveit Milligan

Active Aging, Better Balance, and You.

Barry Shingle and Kymberly Williams-Evans PhD

Transformational Coaching

Barry Shingle and Jessica Zemple

Interview and Dance Class with Chris Daigre

Barry Shingle and Chris Daigre

Tai Chi/Qigong Class

Cari Shurman and Barry Shingle

Virtual Full Body Stretch Class

Barry Shingle and John and Sita Kelly

Cutting Ourselves Slack

Sylvia Boornstein

Enhancing Resilience

Gyll Turteltaub, Psy.D

Growing Love

Dr. Mehrad Nazari and Michele Hébert

Nurturing Nutrition Now

Linda Illingworth

On Being a Ranch Child

Morgan Shingle

Conversations About Race

Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum

Disrupting Society

Kevin Merida and Donna Britt

Finding Healthy Addictions

Dr. Brandee Waite

Fostering Care

Candace Gray

Age and Purpose

Richard Leider

Pandemic Inner Fitness

Emily and Sylvia Boorstein

The Now Habit

Neil Fiore

Let’s Talk About Sleep

Dr. Bonnie Goldstein

Mindful Eating

Jody Miller, Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Good Vibrations GROOVE!

Heather Winia, Master Trainer for The World GROOVE Movement

Mother’s Day At-A-Distance

Dr. Bonnie Goldstein

Om Session

Jill Thiry

Tibetan Bowl

Rancho La Puerta

Threshold Moments

Molly Davis and Kristine Van Raden

Making Changes Stick

Ben Brown, MD

Flute Concert

Elena Duran

Words of Gratitude Are Not Enough

Your Rancho La Puerta Family

Cooking with the Seasons

La Cocina Que Canta Executive Chef Reyna Venegas