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Denise M. Dudley is a professional trainer and keynote speaker, author, business consultant, and founder and former CEO of SkillPath Seminars, the largest public training company in the world, which has trained over 12 million people. Denise holds a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology, a hospital administrator’s license, a preceptor for administrators-in-training license, and is licensed to provide training to medical professionals in the U.S. and Canada. She’s a certified AIDS educator, a licensed field therapist for individuals with agoraphobia, and a regularly featured speaker on the campuses of many universities throughout the U.S. Denise speaks all over the world on a variety of topics, including management and supervision skills, leadership, assertiveness, communication, personal relationships, interviewing skills, and career readiness—and she’s also a longtime specialty presenter at Rancho la Puerta! Denise’s latest book, Work it! Get in, Get noticed, Get promoted, expressly written for young people graduating from high school or college, is currently available on Amazon.com, and is receiving all 5-star customer reviews.

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