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Dawn Sandalcidi, PT, RCMT, BCB-PMD specializes in pelvic muscle dysfunction and orthopedic manual therapy. She has trained medical professionals in manual therapy both nationally and internationally since 1992. Dawn is also Board-Certified Biofeedback in Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction (BCB-PMD). Dawn has actively been treating patients since 1982 and owns the private practice clinic Physical Therapy Specialists in Centennial, Colorado. In 2018, Dawn was awarded the Elizabeth Noble Award by the American Physical Therapy Association Section on Women’s Health for providing extraordinary and exemplary service to the field of physical therapy for men, women and children.


Kathe Wallace, PT is an internationally recognized pioneer clinician, educator and author in pelvic health and pelvic floor dysfunction. She is the author of Reviving Your Sex Life after Childbirth and multiple educational handouts to restore the pelvic floor. She has practiced physical therapy since 1976. Kathe was honored to receive the Washington State Physical Therapy Association (PTWA) Clinical Excellence Award in 2006. She also serves as a Clinical Instructor, Division of Physical Therapy, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, at the University of Washington. Her professional mission is to ignite and nurture knowledge regarding pelvic floor function and dysfunction.


PYP Sandalcidi & Wallace


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