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Finding Healthy Addictions

Brandee-Waite1Dr. Brandee Waite is a sports medicine physician who strives to keep her patients active.  She is also an established expert in health, fitness, and medical education in this new era of Covid-19.  With a dynamic personality, Dr. Waite has a passion for educating her patients, other physicians and the public about relevant sports medicine topics.  Having successfully navigated a traditionally “male” field, she has mentored many aspiring professionals seeking to achieve similar goals in competitive careers.  Dr. Waite has served as a team physician for Team U.S.A. Track and Field, the Sacramento Kings (NBA) as well as the Sacramento Ballet and now works with professional soccer and Division I NCAA teams in Sacramento, CA.   She is a Professor at the University of California Davis.  Dr. Waite received her medical training at Stanford, UC San Francisco and Johns Hopkins.  However, she credits her pre-medical years as a fitness instructor at Rancho La Puerta in the 1990’s with shaping the inclusion of sports and fitness into her medical practice.

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