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An Om session is a healing way to start or end your day. I invite you to sit down and settle in a way that honors your physical body, whether it be on a comfortable chair or on the floor. Make sure your hips are above your knees, your spine is straight, and your chin is tucked in to keep your skull aligned, and your throat chakra open. Set any thoughts you have aside.
Now, hit play and enjoy this chant I did in Milagro on my last morning at The Ranch, while the rain fell mistily. Imagine yourself honoring Mt. Kuchumaa. Give and receive the peace that self-loving sound chants can provide to you and the rest of the world as they travel. Sit quietly for a few moments after the recording has stopped.
May the spirit in me honor the spirit in you and all others.

Jill Thiry
Rancho La Puerta


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Visit to join Jill’s 45-minute Wednesday Zoom chant at 7:00 am (PDT). You can also request permission to enter her Club Change Facebook group, which has chant recordings and live 15-minute Facebook chanting sessions on Monday and Friday at 7:00 am (PDT).

Jill’s Set Your Intention program is offered free of charge at 3:00 pm PDT on the second Sunday of each month. Reserve a space by visiting

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