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Odile Zelenak is a mastery movement specialist with certifications in PilatesGYROTONIC®, Hendrickson Method®Orthopedic Massage and Vinyasa Yoga. Her over 20 years of movement and massage practice are rooted in a deep passion and continuous study of anatomy, with a strong emphasis on biomechanical and energetic alignment principles.

Odile is best known for her ability to help clients find, feel and develop their core strength with simple and practical exercises which leave clients feeling stronger, more flexible and more in control of their bodies. Because of her interdisciplinary background of Pilates, Gyrotonic, orthopedic massage and yoga, Odile brings skillful touch, articulate cuing and a rich understanding of the interconnectedness of the body to each client and class.

She has a thriving Pilates, Gyrotonic, and orthopedic massage practice called Odile Movement and Bodywork in Solana Beach, CA where she lives with her wife and kids.

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