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Join Chats with Barry with and DeRahn Johnson for a live Zoom Discussion.

DeRahn Johnson has been an active member of the professional fitness community for over 20 years. A former resident of New York, he left a successful 13-year career as a software engineer to dedicate his life to help combat the nation’s growing obesity epidemic. Holding multiple certifications in personal training, corrective exercise, and nutrition, he has logged over 10,000 hours of in-the-field training and consulting experience, helping individuals of all ages and fitness levels reach their desired health goals. DeRahn utilizes the analysis & problem-solving skills from his engineering background, along with an extensive knowledge of nutrition, kinesiology and biomechanics to get his clients on the fast track to optimal health and wellness. DeRahn is the founder of MAVEN, a nutrition consulting company that provides nutrition services to the public, including: individual & group counseling, metabolic testing, food log analysis, and full menu planning. DeRahn is also a member of the Rancho La Puerta Fitness Team, where he teaches group exercise classes, performs corrective exercise assessments, and provides nutrition services to guests, as well as staff.

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