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Virtual Pilates Class

Join Karen Sanzo for a pilates workout. Have a towel and bring a mat or find a comfortable surface.

Pilates instructor, teacher trainer, and physical therapist Karen Sanzo is internationally recognized for her innovative approaches to the Pilates method. At Pilates Unlimited, her studio in Dallas, Texas, and in her physical therapy practice, Karen sees clients of all ages and fitness levels, utilizing Pilates as an adjunct to therapy and as the next level of self-care for her patients, which include a Dallas Cowboy recovering from injuries, a corporate executive improving his golf swing, a young dancer perfecting her posture, and a new mother getting back into shape. D Beauty, a publication of D Magazine of Dallas, included Pilates Unlimited in their 2008 list of Best Places to Work Out. Her award-winning instructional DVD, Pilates for All Bodies: Getting Started is a two-DVD set that explains and demonstrates the basic exercises, then presents a thirty-minute mat class conducted by Karen. Awarded “Best Beginners DVD” by Pilates Style magazine in the January/February 2008 issue, it was touted in their review as “perfect for those just starting out, with a clear, in-depth tutorial on principles, moves and beginner modifications.”

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