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Laura Gallerstein has been leading classes at Rancho La Puerta for over 30 years! She even met her husband of 29 years, Gary, through the Ranch. She initially lived at The Ranch for three years as a dance and fitness instructor (she initiated her first pilates program there!) and has returned several times a year as a guest instructor or presenter. For over 40 years she has been practicing and training in yoga and meditation. For the past 10 years, Laura has concentrated more on Sound Healing. She has always made it a practice to train with master instructors in the Mind Body field. Sound Healing has been no different and she has trained with luminaries such as Dr. Mitchell Gaynor and Ashana. In 2021 she published her first book, “Whispers in Sound” which details her own personal journey of healing from emotional trauma and depression through sound, chanting, and yoga. The book concludes with guided meditations for the reader.

Laura has led sound healing sessions in hospice, elementary schools, and yoga studios around the country. She currently leads classes in person and on zoom, retreats, and workshops. Her desire is to help everyone raise awareness of the body, mind, and spirit connection throughout the life cycle. Her newsletter, Sedona Sacred Sounds, is filled with news related to humanity’s current and ongoing transition into the Aquarian Age. Her ultimate vision is to incorporate sound healing into hospice, hospitals, cancer centers, and wellness centers worldwide and help those who have experienced loss.

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