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Jill Thiry has been on a lifelong journey as a “student of change.” Her first job in the recreation industry was teaching aerobic dance and swimming and then directing the department at the YWCA in Madison, Wisconsin, which was followed by teaching kayaking and skiing in the Alps. Completing her MBA at USF brought a fun, decades-long run in high-tech publishing, creating and managing many brands in the Bay Area and New York. After 9/11 and a transformative week-long stay at Rancho La Puerta in 2002, she discovered the importance of mindful practice in making choices for her life. Creating easily identified tasks to ensure desired changes and outcomes started with annual retreats with her family and evolved into an 8-step process for and with friends and clients. The program’s effectiveness became evident with zoom sessions during the pandemic. This success spurred her to launch Club Change, where participants support each other in making the necessary choices to enhance their bodies, minds, spirits, and communities. Jill sees a world where everyone has their own “club” to support them lovingly through any change – large or small.

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