Join Our Anniversary Celebration - Rancho La Puerta

Join Our Anniversary Celebration

Join Rancho La Puerta co-founder and matriarch, Deborah Szekely, and some of our full-time fitness staff for a Zoom Happy 80th Birthday to Rancho La Puerta. Deborah will share some of her thoughts and feelings on welcoming our first guests in 1940 and the result of 80 years of love and dedication by so many; staff and guests alike.  Our fitness staff will share our 80th week challenge we put together to inspire our guests.  It will motivate you to stay connected and healthy, both physically and spiritually, from home.  We will announce the grand prize winner of a 7-night stay at The Ranch for $80.00!  We’ve had over 1,500 entries!   Finally, we will lift a glass to toast The Ranch; as Deborah often says she feels like The Ranch has become its own person who wants the best for all of us.  We give you permission to have a glass of champagne with us from your home.  Hosted by Barry.

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