Myofascial Release Class - Rancho La Puerta

Myofascial Release Class

All you need is two tennis balls!

Come join Barry and Aileen Sheron for a 45-minute myofascial release class revealing why it is so important to add this essential flexibility training to your fitness routine. Myofascial release is a form of soft tissue therapy that relieves pain, increases range of motion, optimizes flexibility, relaxes muscles, and reduces inflammation. These techniques can make a huge difference in how your body feels! Make sure you have two tennis balls handy and a mat for the class.

Aileen Sheron has been teaching innovative classes at the Ranch for over 30 years. A 2020 and 2021 finalist for IDEA’s Fitness Instructor of the Year award, she is an entrepreneur and innovator across most facets of the fitness industry. Aileen is an international presenter, inventor, program developer, content creator, writer, mentor, business owner, and social media personality. She has trained thousands of instructors in several specialties, including choreography, equipment-based programming, myofascial release, aerobic dance, cycling, treadmill training, and more. She’s president of Good Natured Products, makers of the Omniball and other fitness products.

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