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Joel ben Izzy is a traveling storyteller and author. Over the past four decades, he has traveled the globe, gathering and telling stories in some 36 countries in places from Tel Aviv to Tokyo, Rome to Rwanda, Managua to Marrakech, and Paris to Petaluma. He is also well known as a story coach and consultant in fields ranging from technology to travel to philanthropy, with a client list that ranges from Pixar Animation to the Federal Reserve Bank.
You can learn more about Joel’s storytelling and coaching at his website, There you’ll find out more about his books including The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness. He has been a popular guest presenter at Rancho la Puerta for the past decade, always by the fireplace in OakTree, helping guests to find and tell their own stories of laughter and healing. As to how he came to be at Rancho la Puerta – well, that’s a story in itself, one he’ll share with us in this interview.

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