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We believe that to truly make a change in your life, you owe yourself a transformative vacation in an environment of peace, where you can relax, move, learn, be challenged, dine on great healthy cuisine, enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded new and old friends, feel secure and absorb the tranquility of nature and a healthy climate.

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Ranch Spa

Our four health and beauty centers will be your sanctuaries for the week, each staffed by skilled estheticians and therapists who have been widely trained…our treatments use aromatic and medicinal herbs and other healing plants grown in our organic gardens.

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Getting to the Ranch

Most guests from outside of Southern California arrive via commercial airline at San Diego International Airport (SAN) on a Saturday. Our staff greets you in the terminal and soon you’re on a motor coach heading for Rancho La Puerta. If you live in San Diego or even Los Angeles, you may be close enough to drive to Tecate in one to three hours.

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Dining at the Ranch

Over eighty years of culinary creativity, experimentation and dietary research have culminated in a superb all-natural diet. Our fresh lacto-ovo cuisine provides protein, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.

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